A Tail of Compassion: Here's Where To Find Help For Furry Friends in Pune

The population of stray dogs in Pune has declined drastically from 3.15 lakh in 2018 to 1.80 lakh in 2023. Our stray companions need your help. Wondering how?
A Tail of Compassion: Here's Where To Find Help For Furry Friends in Pune
A Tail of Compassion: Here's Where To Find Help For Furry Friends in PuneImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

The former chairman of Tata Group, Ratan Tata, is often regarded for his benevolence and business acumen. After dominating social media conversations through his considerate instructions to allow stray animals within the premises of the Taj Mahal Hotel, he has now taken the internet by storm with yet another act of compassion.

In his recent post to Instagram, he appealed to citizens of Mumbai for a 7-month-old dog at his animal hospital who needed urgent blood transfusion. The patient, who had been admitted for suspected tick fever and life-threatening anaemia, has now found not one but 5 donors. While the veterinarians have found a match, scores of netizens await his speedy recovery.

Ratan Tata's post appealing for help to find blood donors
Ratan Tata's post appealing for help to find blood donors

However, our furry friends in Pune still need our help. A report by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) indicates that the population of stray dogs in Pune has declined drastically from 3.15 lakh in 2018 to 1.80 lakh in 2023.

How can you help? To help prevent canine diseases such as rabies, it is advisable to vaccinate your furry companions. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has already begun a step in this direction but here are 3 NGOs that you could visit to seek medical support for your furry friend-

Founded in 2007, this trust was established to provide emergency aid to distressed animals. It also helps rehabilitate animals of various species. It is proactively aiming at improved public health and safety outcomes while actively working on preventing human-animal conflict across urban and rural ecosystems.

They operate a 24x7 helpline that is accessible on 9172511100 for Pune. 

They are located at - Plot No. 3906, Paud Mulshi Road,

Old Jakat Naka,

Near 115 Hilltown,


Pune - 411021


Office Phone: +91 98909 99111 (11 am - 5 pm only)

Visiting Hours: 11:00 am - 4:30 pm (permitted by prior email confirmation only)

Alternatively, you can help them by donating through their website and assisting them in buying supplies that they may require.

This foundation provides free of cost medical facilities for stray animals in need. They claim to have the most highly skilled medical care readily available. They provide Animal Birth Control (ABC), helping minimize human-animal conflict & animal – animal conflict.

Scar, a patient at Karma Foundation
Scar, a patient at Karma Foundation

They also operate an Outpatient department (OPD) which is responsible for the prevention, alleviation, and cure of diseases. Their critical Medical Care helps animals subjected to the horrors of cruelty and road rage.

They are located at -Bungalow No. 1, Jacinta Villa,

Opp. Sandalwood Society, Near Ambedkar Chowk,

Near Medipoint Hospital, Aundh, Pune - 411007

Phone- +91-8390944337

Waiting for his turn at the clinic
Waiting for his turn at the clinic

You can learn about the animals at Karma Foundation and help a specific animal by donating towards their recovery. You can also help them by donating to them through their website or simply volunteering.

An organization known for its commitment, volunteers at Saahas rush to rescue animals in bad situations, from abuse to abandonment. They help rehabilitate their patients through adoptions that you can participate in virtually or in person. They claim to have rescued more than 2300 animals in need to date.

A young patient at Saahas
A young patient at Saahas

You can help them by sponsoring meals for the animals at their shelter. This initiative is known as the One Day Meal Program which covers food for 70+ animals. Alternatively, you can pledge to volunteer your time.

They are located at - Rajneegandha Society, 

Sector No. 32, Nigdi, 


Phone +91 84595 92034

Wondering how you can contribute directly?

Foster Care

While most of these organizations allow you to adopt animals, helping them lead meaningful lives as forever companions, it is crucial to understand the significance of becoming a pet parent.

If you or your loved ones are confused about whether you would like to commit to a long-term furry friend and their needs, you could explore fostering. While it provides you with a credible decision-making process, it helps rehabilitate a soul in need.

Adopt a Stray

As for strays, remember- the best way to help a stray is by adopting them and giving them the love and comfort of a family. Stray dogs are also well adjusted to the weather conditions and environment of their area, making them less prone to medical conditions.

To the heart, through the belly

They say the way the easiest way to someone's heart is usually through their belly- so keep your local stray well-fed. You can do this by setting up a common feeding area within your society, allowing strays an accessible area for food and water.


You can also offer them shelter within verandas or by donating sheets and mattresses for them to sleep on. Interestingly, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket for the same. 

From Heads Up for Tails foundation, you can buy dog beds for as low as 500 rupees to help keep your furry friends warm and snuggled.


Did you know?


You can also buy food packets for as low as Rs 30 and reflective collars for Rs 100 to prevent your stray bestie from becoming a victim of road rage.


Remember- It does not require a billionaire to change the world. Just a heart full of love and a handful of treats.

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