An app for financially active Indians

An app for financially active Indians

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, many people are opting for digital payments to minimise the chances of contact with another person. While doing so, it is important to use trusted apps and not share your vital data with anyone.

LazyPay is one of India’s leading online loan apps offering its users (depending on their profile) a credit limit with instant approval and zero collateral. It also lets customers have a seamless shopping experience.

People can use it for travel, family events, weddings, buying electronics, medical expenses, home renovations and more!

The app is a part of PayU which is one of the highly reputed and trusted financial services providers in global markets.

LazyPay works on the principle of financial assistance and service in markets.

Explaining the structure of LazyPay, Anup Agrawal, business head, says that even though this is an app, customers don’t need to download it or register to pay. “Customers can simply purchase online on any of the merchants like  Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Bookmyshow, etc and at checkout, they have to select the LazyPay option, it’s done,” he says.

However, for first time users, there is an OTP that is required. The app facilitates ‘buy now, pay later’ too. The customers have a window of maximum 15 days to consolidate all the expenses across merchants and pay the complete dues to LazyPay through its app (available on Android and iOS devices) or payment link sent via SMS to the customers. The credit limit on LazyPay is between INR 500 – 9999 (depending on the profile of the customer).

Features of the app

Talking about the features, Agrawal says that the app offers a seamless checkout option along with ‘buy now, pay later’ advantage. It offers different merchants. “Users don’t need to use OTP, PIN, credit card, debit card while making a purchase, thus they have a hassle-free experience while shopping. LazyPay combines credit and convenience to offer the best payment experience in the market today,” he says.

LazyPay recently launched the Credit Shield feature which helps consumers be cognizant about their financial health and credit score.

The service provides consumers with a credit report, credit health check, timely reminders on missed loans and payments, misreporting of loans, and credit card payments. Additionally, it provides an eligibility check for RBI’s three-month EMI moratorium for mitigating the burden of loan repayments owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The app has 30 million digitally savvy customers who are pre-approved for a single click check-out payment experience on various apps. The application has also seen more than 5 million transactions in a month.

The business head points out that even though the app looks customer-centric, it has helped various merchants grow their business by 10 per cent. The app offers both its merchants and customers a success rate of 99 per cent to complete the transaction. With this unique proposition, it provides customer delight and helps merchants grow their business exponentially.

Secure payments

Safety is of utmost concern when it comes to using digital payment apps. For pointers, Agrawal says stick to the basics and never share the password or OTP for the LazyPay website or app with anyone.

Even though the app’s mechanism is guarded by highly advanced safety and security measures, it is advised that the users practise caution when shopping and using LazyPay at various merchant checkouts.

If under any circumstance, one finds that the LazyPay account has been misused, they need to connect with the customer care team to report it immediately.

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