A fun study room

A fun study room

Imagine sitting in a dull, drab room and spending endless hours reading textbooks. Adults would find it a drudgery, let alone kids! To help children better concentrate on studies, you can begin with revamping the study room. The right placement of the study table or lamps, colour of the walls and the direction in which the child sits while studying play an important role, according to Vaastu. 

Subbir Kumar Datta, Vaastu analyst and founder and consultant at Vastu Hub, (www.vastuhub.co) an interior designing and Vaastu solution company in Kolkata, Nagpur and Kanpur, says, “Vaastu Shastra can be beneficial for enhancing concentration in students. Some solutions need to be adhered to, to enable your child to score well and concentrate on studies.” 

While designing the study room, keep in mind:
The entry of the study room should be from Northern N/E, Eastern N/E, Southern S/E or Western N/W. The study room should be located in the East, North or the North-East of the house.

Studying and learning facing the East is recommended but for those going for higher studies should face North. South not preferred at any cost.

Make sure that your child is not studying sitting under a beam. If you are presently going for a false ceiling, it should be mended while renovating. In such a scenario even Feng-Shui flute may not be effective and make sure that no mirror is left uncovered at night as they may attract negative energy. 

Pillars, columns, sharp-pointed edges of furniture, open shelves, etc act as obstructions and distracts concentration, so make sure the furniture has curved edges in the study room. Also, keep the study table away from the wall.

There should be an open space in front of the child to encourage fresh ideas and approach. S/he should not have a door behind him/ her while studying.  

Place a soothing painting or poster with soothing effect. Do not place bookshelves on the eastern wall and not above the study table in front as it will affect the flow of positive energy and create distractions. 

Ensure that the study table is not cluttered with heaps of books. Cleanliness and an organised table will bring  more positivity and create a conducive environment for studies. A wooden chair is best with a slight cotton cushion — if your child is comfortable, only then s/he can focus better. 

The study room should be brightly lit or as per the need. Adequate amount of natural light and air is a must. While studying the shadow of the child should not fall on the study table.  A study lamp should be placed on the left to energise concentration. The light should be bright but not too harsh on the eyes.

Children’s room should be vibrant and cheerful, avoid too much of dark and dull colours in the room. The vibrant colours of paint on the wall will uplift the child’s mood and help him channelise his ideas in a better way. 

Playing inspirational and soothing music in the children’s study room is very effective as studies and music go together.  An aquarium can also be placed in the study room. Place some newspaper or comics near your child’s bedside or study table. Hang framed certificates or display trophies, etc won by the child on the South wall so that the child is constantly motivated and attempts to do better. 

Remember to empower children by letting them make choices. Teens need more focus, grounding and freedom. 

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