Homecoming Season 2: Engaging and thrilling

Homecoming Season 2: Engaging and thrilling

Amazon Prime Video brought one of the most engaging drama series when it released Homecoming in 2018. It instantly got you hooked to its mysteries, visual style and most importantly, its story.

The OTT platform is back with another intriguing season of Homecoming that was released on May 22.

When the trailer was released, we sure knew what we were in for — a new season that would take us down to the root of a new mystery, and as it turns out, this season is packed with fresh and engaging overall entertainment.

Homecoming season 2 has a new director and new faces. Of course, we do miss the presence of Julia Roberts who is now listed as the executive producer for the series.

The seven-episode drama thriller opens with a mystery woman Alex, played by Janelle Monáe who wakes up inside a small boat on a lake with no memory of how she got there. Well, we do find answers through the following episodes. Through her journey of finding answers to how she landed up in the boat, the show gets tangled in new riddles and subplots that in a way take the viewer back to the main story of season 1.

The only major character from season 1 who has been retained is Walter who gets flashes of the memories he has lost and wants to find out the truth.

In the drama, Alex and Walters’ paths eventually collide which leads them to the ever-so-shady Geist Group where Julia Roberts played a coordinator of the rehab program for veterans suffering from PTSD. The group was secretly administering a memory-erasing drug on the patients at the center and was using them as ‘test subjects’.

However, in season 2, the Geist seems to have learnt its lesson and is seen as a regular firm making home products. Of course, this is just a cover up for what the notorious gang is doing with their patients.

Coming back to Alex and her story, she is a person who can be anything, a veteran, an advocate, anything. And finding her true identity is the real plot of the series. It is safe to say that there are lots of twists and turns that the viewer is entitled to. Alex is that one character whose existence is used as a tool to drive reactions and take us to through the next episode.

The new cast knows how to keep it together and all of them have given impactful performances. The acting is impressive even by the actors who have minor roles to play through the series. You wish some of them had major roles, including the company’s founder Leonard played by Chris Cooper and Francine Bunda played by Joan Cusack who is challenging his business. These two characters have a touch of dark humour.

The episodes are about 30 minutes and the story does not seem to be rushed but follows a steady pace. There are lots of moments where the viewer has to reason the things going on in the series. It is advisable not to watch it if you are tired since you really need to focus on the things going on, on the screen.

The most striking feature other than the storyline is the way music has been used to create a sense of thrill and eeriness, sometimes making you impatient to know what is going to happen.

Homecoming season 2 streams exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

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