Just chill

Just chill

Misty mornings, a nip in the air, additional layering, and the need to stay warm and cosy. Well, these are just some of the signs of the end of autumn and the onset of winter. A time where one longs to stay put on the couch while enjoying a book with piping hot tea. Or better still, curl up on a comfortable stuffed armchair with lots of cushions and unwind over a mug of hot chocolate. How about adding some winter vibes to your decor too? Do up your home in such a way that it will make you feel more comfortable and snug. 

Winter décor is all about making your home pleasant, protected and cosy.  Bright colours, candles, a fragrant bowl of potpourri, rugs, cushions and throw pillows are just some of the elements that go a long way in adding the feeling of warmth to any space. The glistening candlelight can turn gloomy, cold winter nights into a warm and intimate setting and help usher in a charming warm glow. Apart from this, characteristic glitter, gold-silver bells, candy canes and spangled stars never go out of style.   

“Plenty of lights, diyas and candles that are spread around, wind chimes and aromatic accessories work wonders for winter decor. A throw on the recliner and a cushy blanket on the sofa are simple examples of how existing interiors can be enhanced for the season,” says Sameer A M, Founder and CEO, Bonito Designs.

Making small changes and simple additions to your existing home is by far the best way to welcome the season. “For an instant décor refresh, redo all your cushions with bright new covers that set the tone for winters. If you’re lucky enough to have a mantelpiece in your living room, you can decorate it with holiday wreaths in white and gold, pine cones and reindeer statuettes. Hanging rice paper lamps interspersed with warm twinkling fairy lights across the entrance patio is also a great way to get the holiday mood going,” says Tania Shelma Rogers, Senior Associate Designer-PDDE, HomeLane.com.

Come winter and it is the time to shift from light, breezy colours to more solid, contrasting hues that help transform the interiors of your home into an inviting winter haven. The use of layers and textures can only enhance the look. “The colour element can be as varied as you like — from traditional whites and silvers to festive red and green accents, or more modern and contemporary shades. Silk is a fantastic winter material, holding warmth, appealing to the touch and versatile in use. Its rich texture and opulent feel add a stunning look to your space,” says Abhay Jaipuria, Partner, Vaya Home.

When it comes to colours, go ahead and think beyond the obvious, for there is plenty of scope to experiment and play around with hues. A unique twist on the traditional holiday colours of red and green is a great idea. “Rather than using shades of solid colours this season, the ubiquitous dark greens and bright reds of this festive season can be part of plaid checks, large flowery patterns or paisley prints. Add some opulently rich cushions or throws in saturated single hues of holly red, leaf green or snow white, and you have a bow to tradition,” adds Rogers.

Soft furnishings, unconventional colours, global designs and bold imagery are some of the trends this season. “The trends this year are shifting away from the all-around delicate pastels and bringing in rich, saturated colours that stand out. Large prints and adventurous patterns chase out the milder prints of summer breezes, and create dramatic visual compositions that brighten up the space even in the cold,” adds Jaipuria.

With distances blurring and the world becoming smaller, why should décor be left behind? Bring the world into your home! “Eclectic patterns from all around the world is in vogue. Thus, we can have a bright and cheery ikat rug patterned in red and white, taking centrestage amidst tribal earthenware from Africa, Moroccan faux leather pouffes, delicate modernistic lamps from Europe and a cheery Christmas tree in the corner with glittering decorations that could happily belong in a New York home,” quips Rogers.

Winter aesthetics are all about a balance between style and comfort. Always paint your rooms in warm, earthy tones and avoid colours that can make the space look stark and dull. Maximise the potential of natural light and make good use of lamps and mirrors to create a well illuminated place. A string of hanging white bulbs can add oodles of cheer and give the much-needed bonhomie vibe to the place.   

Create cosy corners like cheerful reading nooks with bright coloured throw pillows. Ensure that your windows are ‘sealed and dressed’. Pay attention to any cracks or repairs to be done and enhance the look of your windows by layering up and the use of drapes. Make ample use of rugs and carpets and avoid leaving the floor uncovered, especially if it is marble or granite.

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