Let’s press the reset button

Let’s press the reset button

A new year brings a lot of hope with it. A healthy body, mind, and soul is what most of us desire and we can achieve it all by just resetting our body. We speak to a few experts to get some tips on how to achieve it. 

Leela Silvia Isani — Visiting Practitioner at Atmantan Wellness Centre provides her guidance to people. Trained in alternative medicine, stress management, coaching, spiritual care for the dying, energy work and Yoga, her focus is on self-healing and soul connection. 

Says Sylvia, “You can reset your body with the help of self-healing, self-love, and self-care. You can make the best out of your body by spending time with yourself. It’s important to relax, tune-in and listen to what your body is telling you. Then think of what you can do about it. Our body has the potential of self-healing but only if we allow the energy to flow freely. If there’s some tension or stiffness in the body, the energy is not able to flow freely. If there is a fear, first understand what you are afraid of. Take the help of a coach or an expert, face it and release the fear. A person is only afraid if the body is not balanced. If the body, mind and soul are aligned, you’ll not face any fear.”

Sylvia also speaks about the role diet and nutrition play in making you a healthy and happy person. “What may suit others might not suit your body. Maybe you need help with that and understand what is helping your body. You can’t compare a tall young man to a tiny woman. To find out what’s nurturing your body, you need to do some tests and know what your body lacks. It is extremely important to find your own diet and what is good for your body,” says she.

Meghana Pawar, a certified yoga teacher has been practising yoga and meditation for over 11 years. She believes that to achieve a goal, one needs consistency. Success comes with what you do consistently and not occasionally; if you want to be fit, start small, consult the right people and get going, she advises.

Pawar says that yoga helps your body rejuvenate. “Resetting the mind and body is one of the key components of yoga. Asanas are for the body and pranayam is for the mind. Meditation is for all our bodily systems, mental health but goes beyond that into subtler things like our consciousness, aura, soul and so on! So, definitely yoga can offer deep rest and relaxation to the body and mind. It is scientifically proven to be one of the best practices for balancing or resetting our body and mind. It also helps heal stress, depression and anxiety when practised regularly,” she says.

Giving out some tips on how to reset your body in 2020, she says, “Start small, start clumsy, start before you’re ready! The key is to start! You can join a yoga centre that teaches ‘authentic form of Indian traditional yoga’ and not an adulterated version. You can also start going for walks, do warm-up exercises, perform basic asanas, learn simple breathing techniques, etc. Along with all of this, start eating a healthy home-cooked meal at least thee times a week if you are a regular junkie! The right kind of food is supremely important. Remember, it is your body, so make wise decisions.”

Utkarsha Upase, a motion graphic artist, got into fitness as her New Year resolution. She is willing to wait for 6 months to lose 5 kg as she does not believe in putting pressure on her body. 

“For me, resetting my body means to feel more confident and strong. I wish to be able to give my 100 per cent to everything,” says she.

Speaking about her diet, Upase says that she prefers having vegetable salad and fruits to keep her body toxin-free and refreshed. “I’m following a heavy breakfast, a regular meal for lunch and light dinner. To have a healthy body, I started the year with regular jogging, skipping, short treks and sports. I understand my body and its needs, hence I am not cutting on things instantly but slowly,” says Upase.

Dedicated to keeping herself healthy throughout the year and after that as well, Upase opted lawn tennis along with her other physical exercises. “To have maximum result, I am avoiding oily, junk and street food,” says she, adding “fitness is important for all, irrespective of the age, lifestyle or career background. If you do not give the needed attention to your body, you can’t enjoy your freedom and food,” she points out.

Whenever people listen to the term gym, they start imagining dumbbells, treadmills and other machines. It is hard for them to understand that one can help one’s body heal in yoga or meditation centres as well. 

Aditya Barve, owner and personal trainer at Ethos fitness studio, tells us to acknowledge the fact that our body is just like a machine. Therefore, it needs some time to rest and reset too. “If you want great results, you need to target both physical and mental activities and look after your diet as well. You cannot just focus on one thing,” says he.

Explaining how weight training helps someone reset their body, Barve says, “In weight training, you target your basal metabolic rate (BMR). It shows the calories you burn at rest. If your body burns a high amount of calories at rest, you can lose weight drastically. There are different techniques for different types of bodies that are highly effective, hence you can opt for a gym to lose/ gain weight or to reset your body.”

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