Managing your mane

Managing your mane

The monsoon rain, loaded with pollutants and the subsequent humidity and moisture spell doom for our hair. The hair quality is affected, and we suffer from hair breakage and fall. Further, the scalp becomes more prone to dryness leading to dandruff and frizziness. 

But, hair loss problems due to this seasonal change can be addressed with careful measures and professional guidance. Sanket Shah, CEO and managing director Advanced Hair Studio, India SubContinent and Middle East, shares a few easy and handy tips on maintaining your mane during monsoon.

Shah insists that one must wash hair regularly in order to maintain a healthy scalp. He advises, “The first and the most important step is keeping the scalp clean by at least washing the hair 2-3 times a week. Additionally, conditioning prevents fungal infection and ensures that moisture is intact giving a smooth and shiny texture to the hair.” 

It is also advisable to cut down the use of hair styling products in this weather. “The constant exposure to a humid atmosphere during this season makes the scalp dry and susceptible to damage. Hence, excess use of hair straighteners, curling rods and dryers can prove to be harmful in monsoons,” he suggests. 

Eating healthy and nutritious food is crucial to keep hair damage at bay. “A healthy diet is responsible for maintaining your hair quality and therefore what you eat must be full of nutrients, irrespective of the season. Protein-rich diet stimulates hair growth.  Hence, you must include dry fruits, nuts, seeds, meat and yoghurt in your daily diet. Drinking water is also extremely important to retain moisture and fight dryness,” Shah says. 
He adds that in order to avoid hair breakage, you have to use the right comb — a wide-toothed one with less static. “Start combing your hair from the bottom and then go to the roots. Also, do not comb damp hair to prevent hair loss,” urges Shah.

To save your hair from ruining, ensure that you carry an umbrella, raincoat or a water-proof hat to prevent direct contact with the rainwater. “Braiding your hair this season not only protects it from damage but also strengthens the hair follicles,” concludes Shah. 

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