Market it digitally

 Market it digitally
Digital marketing is a booming career option for the youth in India. If you’re already not integrating digital marketing into your sales and marketing, you’re probably missing out on a large potential for your business. With digital marketing, small companies now have the resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously available only to large corporations. SRV Media, a Pune-based startup which provides end-to-end digital solution, works towards industry-wide digital solutions that create business impact and drive organisational performance. The company was started by two management students — Rohit Prasad and Vikram Kumar in 2012. It is touted to be the first company in India to do both payment gateway and provide digital marketing services. Most of the digital companies are either into establishing a startup, or helping them with their sustenance and growth. However, SRV provides the entire bouquet of digital services to its clients. As the perfect tool for a new company, it helps them to form a digital strategy and decide the apt platform they should invest in. Besides, it also guides a company in scaling its business and gives technology solutions. “Youngsters have been rapidly moving towards social media and technology. Many startups and mid-sized companies have mushroomed everywhere, however they don’t have a proper digital marketing solution to build their brand. We felt we could bridge the gap by facilitating solutions through digital platforms so that right content could reach the right audience, at the right time. Such a solution helps companies to understand their customers and allows more insightful data which would help businesses grow, improve and take them to a next level,” says Prasad, co-founder and director of SRV Media and EaseBuzz. What SRV does SRV today retains more than 95 per cent of its customers as it focusses on their requirements. “There are five major things everyone should know about SRV — a) we are customer-centric — we don’t leave a stone unturned unless and until our customers are 100 per cent satisfied, b) We offer the full bouquet of digital services. We have the capability to build a website or a mobile app, provide end-to-end digital marketing plans, consultants to advise and help you in scaling your business, customised applications for automation of your online business, payment gateway for accepting online payments from your end customers, c) More than 75 per cent of our employees are MBA post-graduate students who have years of digital marketing experience, d) We do not just sell, we diagnose and analyse the underlying issues of our clients. We believe that a customer, who wants to go digital or is already into digital space, has to be helped in every way so that he could scale business. Our approach is to find that problem and help him in every way possible. e) Data analytics is our biggest strength. Our execution plans start with a questionnaire and we work very hard using data modelling tools to find out ‘who is your customer’. We make plans and solve major hurdles in giving the right push to each brand on digital platforms,” explains Prasad. India is becoming a hub of growing startup ecosystem. Talking about the same, he says that the government too is going digital now and startups are looking at the potential of innovation in digital and allied solutions. “I believe that in the years to come, we will see lot of unicorn companies working in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics. E-commerce is another major sector where startups have become big. However, startups also need support to scale and then sustain, for which I feel government should help at the grassroot level. Many startups die due to lack of funds and resources,” he asserts. Why digital marketing? According to Prasad, for startups, a major portion of their resources (funds, people, time, etc) goes into product development, and they’re left with limited resources to get the brand recognition they need to get in the door. “But knowing that you’re dealing with your customers in an extremely competitive atmosphere, you definitely can’t ignore marketing. Digital marketing is an exciting tool that can work wonders for you in developing, sustaining and expanding your business. And no, you do not need an additional department or require your team to attain all that knowledge for creating and implementing digital marketing strategies. Just finding a reputed and reliable digital marketing agency or having expert advice from a recognised digital marketing consultant will do,” advises Prasad. He further adds that for startups, every invested penny counts, hence having the right strategy in place becomes critical. “From creating brand awareness, reaching out to the target audience, generating leads and converting them - you can define your strategy and achieve it all with online marketing services (SEO, pay per click, SEM and social media marketing) that fit in your budget,” he concludes.

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