Reaching higher notes

Reaching higher notes

After being a finalist on Indian Idol season 4 (2008-9), Priyanka Negi’s career graph has been constantly going up. The Dehradun-based girl is a complete package of talent, elegance and beauty. She made her Bollywood debut as a playback singer with the song Titri, from the movie Phamous in 2018.
Priyanka has worked with well-known music directors like Sachin-Jigar, Sajid-Wajid, Lalit Pandit and so on. For her new song, Tu Zindagi Ka Chehra, from the movie Khamiyaza, which released recently, she got an opportunity to work with Kunal Ganjawala.

She feels extremely elated that she got such an opportunity. “Music director Sunjoy Bose and I have worked with each other before. He came with this song and I happily agreed to sing it. But the best part was when I found out that I will be singing with Kunal Ganjawala. It was such a great feeling. Sunjoy has done some great work, in fact the last song which I sang for him was with Mohit Chauhan. So I really appreciate the fact that he likes my craft,” expresses Priyanka.

The young singer was appreciated for her performances on Indian Idol season 4. Often though, once the show is over, people tend to forget all the talented artists and they hardly get work in the industry. Priyanka feels that patience is the key. “Once the show is over, very few people actually get work. And in this industry, you need to wait for quite a bit before a big hit. A lot of my fellow participants were equal ly talented but they went back to their hometowns after struggling for some time. They were really heartbroken because they were not getting work. But with me, it was the opposite. I had decided that no matter what, I had to move ahead and get work and I am so glad I stayed back. It was worth the wait,” says Priyanka.

Apart from singing, Priyanka has also acted. She played the character of a singer in the movie Badri-The Cloud which released four years back. She aspires to act in movies in the future. “If I get an opportunity, then why not! If tomorrow I get a project where I am going to work with Ranveer Singh, why would I say no to it? So if I get good offers, acting will surely happen. But singing will always be primary for me, no matter what,” she says.

The singer also does a lot of covers of famous songs. She runs a YouTube channel through which she keeps her audience entertained. One her popular covers is a mash up of the songs Shape of You and Laung Gawacha. Priyanka believes that internet has really helped artists grow. “Social media is a game changer at the moment. Look at artists like Vidya Vox. She was a YouTube singer but was later on approached by composers. People don’t watch television these days, because who has the time? So I am trying to cover all the platforms as much as I can,” she shares. 

Her dream is to sing with the legendary AR Rahman. “I am a big A R Rahman fan. I have grown up listening to his songs and I completely love them. It’s my dream to work with him once. I want to sing a song composed by him,” she signs off.

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