SwarRasraj 2021: Welcome New Year with a creative zeal

SwarRasra 2021: Renowned photographer Satish Paknikar has launched a new theme based calendar
SwarRasraj 2021: Welcome New Year with a creative zeal
Image by Satish Paknikar

It is a great solace that Pandit Jasraj’s music lives on by way of his innumerable disciples. A career spanning close to seven decades saw this exceptional artist singing all over the world; even at the age of ninety, he was mentoring his disciples and spreading the fragrance of his music in the lives of seemingly endless fans. It is worth pondering the reason for the full life he enjoyed. It could be perhaps being attributed to the divine intervention but one cannot disregard his riyaz or his unstinting efforts or the way he overcame the obstacles.

Photographer Sateesh Paknikar, known for his portrayal of musicians and singers has brought out SwarRasraj 2021. Paknikar has launched a new theme based calendar which comprised of various photographs of Pandit Jasraj clicked by Paknikar himself.

“He strictly adhered to the principle handed to him by his Guru – shuddha bani, shuddha mudra, shuddha sur (pure diction, pure facial expression and pure notes). His fans were fascinated by his manifestation of these principles and I was no differently affected. So, while his music touched my heart, the expressions on his face called out to the photographer in me,” says Paknikar.

“Right from the first time I was in possession of the camera, in 1983, till his last appearance at the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav on 13th December2019, I have clicked him innumerable times,” he adds.

This year’s calendar is a tribute to him and based on the black and white photographs that Paknikar has taken of him from 1983 to 2019. Even PtSanjeev Abhyankar, has contributed to this calendar with the fond memories he has of his inimitable Guruji as well as the characteristics which have influenced and impacted him as his shishya.

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