White is perfectly right!

White is perfectly right!

In today’s world of short attention spans, vibrant colours are used to attract attention of people who are often hooked onto their mobile screens. Interestingly, the all-white aesthetic has acquired a new-found appeal. White gives one’s home a decluttered look and maximises focus and efficiency. The minimalist palette presents the opportunity to accentuate the quotient of classy inside your beautiful home-nest and transforms it into the perfect space that rejuvenates and relaxes you.

White also makes a space look larger, adds elegance, and influences our subconscious towards a peaceful and blissful state of being. A neutral canvas lets one create an exciting texture-rich home that is timeless, full of contrasts, and always available for novel experiments. 

So here are some tips to go classy with white Interiors:

Let your walls speak for themselves 
Contrary to popular opinion, white walls are the in-thing again owing to a number of reasons! You can opt for pairing your white walls with colourful furniture to strike a balance of quintessential and quirky. White walls will even make your home appear larger than it really is. Also, a pair of tan arm chairs, a cream and ivory sofa, and bright linen cushions can liven up the all-white look in your serene bedroom and living room! 

Additionally, for rocking the minimalist look, you must pick up the right shade of white according to the lighting in your home from an array of available options. Whether it’s warm white, cool white, shadow white, or chalk white, these differing shades of white can help neutralise the bright light in your home, lend a cosy atmosphere to any space, work well with furnishings of warm hues, and add a spacious elegance to any space.

Scandinavian whites allow one to play with texture and depth. Whereas another neutral palette that’s become the go-to for a monochrome aesthetic comprises cool and warm greys. 

Opt for an all-white spotless bathroom 
You can rely on white to transform your bathroom into a space that lets you unwind and de-stress from your chaotic life which is always making heavy demands on you. You can opt for pairing your bathroom’s white walls, floors, and cabinetry with a colourful bath-tub in shades of yellow or red. Additionally, you can enhance the minimalist look further by going for a maroon or any other bright-coloured rug to add flavour to the white-aesthetic. 

And your bathroom can now look even more special and personalised with a chandelier that is set to add oomph to any bathroom, whether it is warm, rustic or modern. 

You can further install multiple mirrors and choose to paint one or two walls in your bathroom to add flavour and substance to the monochrome appeal. Also, you can get supremely creative with wall-art pieces, use a deep brown or black for the floor, or add a trendy arm chair to your bathroom to liven up the white walls. 

Cook food in a supremely creative and inviting kitchen  
As a kitchen is loaded with appliances and countertops, it can often look purely functional without any aesthetic appeal and charm. However, an innovative fusion of materials, light and texture can enable this otherwise dull space to transform into an engaging and inviting space. A palette of whites and greys infused with yellow, red and blue can rock the minimal kitchen look. 

It’s preferable to mix two or three shades of white, whether warm tones or cooler ones, for the doorways, upper cabinets, countertops etc to add dimension and intrigue to the space. Additionally, a wooden flooring, contrasting colours for the kitchen’s appliances, pendant lights or contemporary chandeliers work wonderfully for a white-on-white cooking environment. Also, coffered bead-board ceilings or a checkered backsplash lends a creative, warm, and inviting vibe to the kitchen. 

Curate your living room 
A living room is the space where the entire family reunites for conversations after a tiring long day, and is a space where guests bond over laughs, drinks and snacks. One can curate this special room by playing with white-on-white interiors and blending it with chic trends and styling elements. White walls with undertones of subtle colours paired along with white cabinets can make one’s living room look bright, spacious and full of life.  

Also, a white display shelf placed in the living room can help showcase art and cutlery pieces so much more creatively and playfully.  One can also opt for modern boho designs which include wooden chairs, vintage rugs, leather furniture etc. Or enhance the space by using handles, knobs, mirrors, lighting fixtures and decorative pieces in colours such as gold and bronze. Pop-ups of bright colours as well as ice cream colours also make for an interesting contrast in a modern urban-styled home with white interiors. 

(The writer is the founder & CEO of Bonito Designs)

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