Working with Ritviz was incredible: Seedhe Maut

Working with Ritviz was incredible: Seedhe Maut

Straight from Delhi, Seedhe Maut is a duo comprising Siddhant Sharma aka Calm and Abhijay Negi aka Encore ABJ. They claim to be the next stage in the evolution of Delhi’s hip-hop sound, and have successfully raised the bar a few notches higher. From festival stages to social media, this duo is garnering praise everywhere for their work. Most recently, they released a song titled Chalo Chalein with the popular HDM artist Ritviz as a part of Bacardi Sessions. The latter saw phenomenal success with a song that he released titled Udd Gaye during the first edition of the platform. 

Seedhe Maut intend on following the footsteps of international hip-hop collectives such as Run The Jewels, Clipse, Black Hippy, Mobb Deep, Blackstar and more. Their debut mixtape titled 2 Ka Pahada in 2017 commanded attention from audiences and their viral single Seedhe Maut Anthem made them a known name among hip-hop listeners throughout the country. Their debut album called Bayaan was full of fiery flows and bold political verses which express urban angst and socio-political issues of Indian millennials.

The duo’s latest collaboration with Ritviz has resulted in a joyful track with an even more cheerful video. Chalo Chalein is a visual depiction of the individual identities of dancers across genres and cultures coming together. The video also features a cobbler finding happiness in his detailed and intricate work. It portrays self-expression through different dance forms that come naturally to individuals, irrespective of their background. Towards the end, the cobbler too packs up and busts a spontaneous move. The video aims to ignite passion and inspire everyone to do what moves them.

We chat them up to find out more:

What was the experience of working with Ritviz? What did all of you bring to the table individually?
Incredible! Working with an artist like Ritviz who is slightly more genre-bending alongside a strong hip-hop vibe as ours, Chalo Chalein for us has been the most interesting collaboration so far. It was a perfect blend of two different musical expressions creating something unique. 

How did this collaboration for Bacardi Sessions come to happen?
We were super excited and eager when Ritviz hit us up last year to collaborate on a track. That’s when we were introduced to this platform and what it can do. From then to now, the Chalo Chalein journey with Ritviz and Bacardi Sessions has been nothing short of fun. 

What was the theme of your rap for this song, considering it was a very unconventional, whimsical and happy beat to have?
The song is all about wanting to escape to your happy place, wherever it may be. A place where you’re able to express yourself freely, imbibe good vibes and just do what moves you. 

How was the experience of working on the video? Did you give any inputs?
It is always great to work on songs and videos that allow creative liberties. We had Ritvik, our director, who took us through the entire production process, told us what he expected of us and made sure to incorporate our ideas. Moreover, with so many talented dancers and artists around, the video shoot was probably one of the most fun highlights of this journey. We’re really looking forward to more such shoots.

What is your take on the current scene of hip-hop in the country — this post Gully Boy phase which is seeing an abundance of rappers?
There has been a rapid rise in your fame and in your audiences — do you feel a pressure or responsibility towards what you put out in your verse even more now? Also because there has been such a rise in the number of rappers on the scene, do you feel the pressure to stand out? 
Since Bayaan came out, we’ve definitely got more attention and love from our fans. However, we don’t really feel any pressure because we’ve always believed in competing with ourselves first. Constantly working on our music and content, we focus on trying to be the best version of ourselves. 

Why did you come up with the name Seedhe Maut? 
Seedhe Maut is a phrase that Siddhant’s (MC Calm) brother would often use, meaning that there’s no room for half-baked dreams. If you’ve started something, do it like there’s no tomorrow and make sure you’ve given it your 100 per cent. Growing up, we really resonated with that and wanted to make it a part of everything we did. 

What are your future plans?
2020 is going to be big year for us. We have our own album in the works and it’s sure to blow it out of the water. 
Also, why stop at Chalo Chalein? After working with Ritviz once, we absolutely had to collaborate again. Everyone should definitely watch out for a Ritviz x Seedhe Maut album.

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