Yoga is the mother of all exercises: Dr Mickey Mehta

Yoga is the mother of all exercises: Dr Mickey Mehta

Dr Mickey Mehta, global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach who was recently in the city to launch his book, tells us what the Shoonyam Quotient means and why it is important to declutter for a healthy life

In this fast-paced life, we are all in a rat race — meeting deadlines, chasing our dreams, and fulfilling expectations. All this leads to stress, confusion and chaos. However, our search for peace, happiness and overall well-being amidst disorder and pandemonium, is never-ending. Being healthy doesn’t just mean a fit physique but a sound mind and mental well-being are also at the very core of one’s complete prosperity. Dr Mickey Mehta, a global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach to billionaires, top Bollywood superstars, supermodels, politicians and members of the Maharashtra Police, recently launched his self-help book The Shoonyam Quotient in the city. He believes that yoga creates psychological and spiritual equilibrium and uplifts one’s emotional quotient.

Here are excerpts from our brief conversation with him:
What is the importance of yoga in one’s life?

Yoga is the mother of all kinds of exercises. So, if somebody has embraced yoga in a very compassionate and empathetic way with open eyes, one will become patient, tolerant, flexible in the mind and body .

Tell us how yoga helps in attaining emotional well-being...
When you work towards your physical well-being, it is the Hathayoga way and through physical well-being, you attain mental well-being which is called the Rajyoga way. If your mental health is sound, your physical well-being will automatically be attained. Yoga helps you achieve the organic soundness of your health since it calms everything down.

What are some of the yoga asanas that one can practise irrespective of one’s gender, age, body type?
Ardhpawan Muktasana which is done by lying down on your back and raising one knee towards your chest at a time is extremely helpful. Doing Bhujangasana to your best ability, and holding the pose for sometime is absolutely great for your body. Paschimottanasana is a really effective asana too. The repetition of Bhujangasana and Parvatasana is absolutely recommended. These asanas along with a little bit of walking and some stretching, twisting and turning sideways are great ways to keep you mobilised, energised, immunised and Mickeymised!

What should one do for emotional well-being?
To use order in chaos would be a wrong statement. To bring order means to struggle — it cannot be a cool walk on a lake side, but the best way to find a solution is to be cool and calm in the chaos and that’s what Shoonyam Quotient is all about. After having divided everything, what remains is Shoonyam Quotient. At the same time, acceptance is extremely important. Once you have accepted your condition as it is, you breathe easy and when your breathing becomes normal, you begin to see solutions and answers to your problems and that’s the state of being in the Shoonyam Quotient. The fog will clear, the clarity appears and your answer is right in front of you to pick and choose.

How must the current generation deal with their issues?
The biggest problem is time. People constantly feel that time is running out. The mere concept and perception of time running out kills them eventually. Our life begins with an alarm and we are trying to catch up with a million things.
Life throws so many things at you, but you need to prioritise what needs to be done for your growth and evolution and that itself will take you ahead. You should be able to choose the right thing at the right moment in the right way and not get stressed or bogged down. If your body, mind and spirit can wake up without an alarm, happily, then you are in the Shoonyam Quotient.

Social media and life full of notifications don’t let you stay in peace. How does one find mindfulness?
I have seen people who feel this constant compulsion to check notifications and respond to every message and comment on Facebook and WhatsApp. But here are also people who probably put their phones aside for hours to stay in peace. It just takes you a few minutes to put aside such distractions and bring the equilibrium back in your life. Life is all about sifting through what’s important and filter what’s not.
However, this process of sifting itself is very stressful as the distractions are too many and you have chosen to live in this era and signed up for a life with notifications. So, as much as it helps you, it will also disturb you. Hence, your approach has to be very calm and a relaxed one — only allow as much information to filter within you as is required and leave the rest. At the end of the day, don’t take anything to your bed and sleep alone and with peace.

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