CamScanner Banned: 5 apps you can use instead of the popular document-scanning app

CamScanner Banned: 5 apps you can use instead of the popular document-scanning app

With the Government of India banning as many as 59 Chinese apps, users have taken to social media to grieve about their favourite platforms being discontinued. Amongst these was CamScanner, which gained popularity for being an easy document scanning app. Apart from letting users scan their document, CamScanner also allowed them to store the copies in a safe space. 

However, there are several alternatives that you can switch to if you're worried about. Here are five other apps you can switch to if you're still mourning at CamScanner's termination:

1) Adobe Scan: Developed by Adobe, this app has similar features which are expected from a document management conglomerate like Adobe. The ideal alternative the CamScanner, this can help retain the highest quality of your documents. 

2) Microsoft Office Lens: Developed by Microsoft, this app is another powerful alternative to CamScanner. A helpful feature of the app involves being allowed to export the documents to MS Word or PowerPoint directly. If you're someone who uses MS Office regularly, this app could probably ease a lot of your work. 

3) PhotoScan: The app, which is developed by Google, is a great alternative if you wish to have an app that allows you to save your digital copies. Apart from allowing you to scan them, PhotoScan does a great job at scanning and cropping your documents on its own. 

4) TapScanner: Perhaps the best alternative there is to CamScanner, the features of TapScanner are very similar to those of the latter. A unique feature of the app includes taking multiple photos to create a detailed scanned document for you. 

5) TurboScan: A close second to TapScanner, TurboScan lets you enjoy a lot of features. Some of which include auto edge detection, multiple scanning, and more features along with a sharpening mode that created better-scanned copies.

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