Birthday Special: Five Christopher Nolan movies we are thankful for

On the day of his 51st birthday, The Bridge Chronicle lists down five movies that should definitely be on your watch list or deserve a re-watch.
Listing down five of Christopher Nolan's best films
Listing down five of Christopher Nolan's best filmsThe Bridge Chronicle

Christopher Nolan has become a household name among the movie-going crowd worldwide. Be it any subject- superhero, dreams, time- you can expect Nolan to pull it off. The British-American filmmaker is one of those rare directors who could make movies that focus on highly complex and intellectual subjects and still manage to garner interest from people of all strata of society. On the day he turns 51, The Bridge Chronicle lists down five movies that should definitely be on your watch list or deserve a re-watch.

5. Memento

Just the second film to be directed by Christopher Nolan, the film elevated his profile as a good filmmaker. He gained international recognition for the innovative style of story-telling he used in the film. The story follows Leonard Shelby, a person suffering from amnesia, on his path of revenge to find his wife's murderer with the help of Polaroid photographs and tattoos inked across his body (You are guessing right...the movie was the inspiration for the Bollywood film Ghajini).

4. Inception

Watching Inception once is never enough to understand the bewildering complex subjects that the film tries to convey. The film brought a new angle to the heist genre by making a professional thief Dominick Cobb plant information rather than steal information. To make it more complex, he has to plant the information in the victim's subconscious with the help of dreams. The film, which won four Oscars, is sure to take you through an emotional path of awe, confusion, wonder and gloom with the beautifully composed score of Hans Zimmer to complement it.

3. The Prestige

This sci-fi thriller rules over the twist-ending genre of films. Big names Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman star as two rival magicians in this psychological thriller. The film follows them as they venture into darker and dangerous paths to create the perfect illusion.

2. Interstellar

In Nolan's first project involving outer space, Cooper (played by Mathew McConaughey) goes on a journey into the unknown depths of space to save mankind from extinction on earth, which is slowly getting uninhabitable. With jaw-dropping visuals and an excellent score by Hans Zimmer, this movie is a must-watch for any cinephile.

1. The Dark Knight

By the time of the release of The Dark Knight, Nolan had already established himself as one of the best directors in the industry. It was under this pressure he went out to make a superhero movie and ultimately, redefined the superhero genre. The film is also famous for giving us one of the best villains to ever grace the screen - Joker, played by Heath Ledger. The film follows Bruce Wayne aka Batman on his personal battles through the dark realms of Gotham as he also fights various traps set by the Joker.

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