This weekend, laugh-it-out with these 6 stand-up comedy specials

Here are six of our favourite stand-up specials.
This weekend, laugh-it-out with these 6 stand-up comedy specials
If you let them, stand-up comics like Kevin Kart, Trevor Noah, Hasan Minhaj, Anu Menon, Biswa Kalyan, and Vir Das (L-R), among others can brighten up your otherwise lazy weekend!The Bridge Chronicle

Did you know, that according to studies, laughter helps your immune system, boosts your mood, relatively diminishes pain, and helps you to keep stress away? No wonder, laughter is considered to be the ‘best medicine’! And while we are at it why not relieve the stress of work, household chores and the pandemic and maybe take this weekend off to just laugh-it-all-out?

Here are six suggestions from TBC:

Vir Das for India

One of the most celebrated actors in India, Vir Das’s Netflix special For India, has its moments. Relevant and relatable Das takes us back to 1000 BC and builds up to what Indians and the country has achieved over so many years. He mentions the world’s best biscuit, Parle G and the most confusing paste called chyavanprash, among many other things. If you don’t shy away from a reality check and are up-to-date with pop culture, you may want to give this a try!

TBC’s favourite joke: What Dev Patel is to them (Hollywood). Tom Alter is to us. He played every role that a white guy could play in 140 films. We gave him a Padma Shri. He is Padma Shri Tom. That’s like being Archduke Jignesh. But still, that’s an achievement.

Where to watch: Netflix

Biswa Kalyan Rath: Sushi

This is Biswa’s second special. It was advertised as ‘a carefully assorted platter of raw but delicate joke skillfully assembled with great care and precision from thinly sliced observations caught from the sea of the existence of humanity on planet earth that leaves your soul feeling cheerful’. Instead of talking about India’s obvious political scene and creating humour around it, Biswa gave a twist to the common man’s social problems – from poorly constructed footpaths to never-ending construction in the country – he spoke about it all. If you are the kind to laugh at what’s already bothering you, you may want to see this special this weekend!

TBC’s favourite joke: Bharat mein footpath yeh soch ke banate hai ki kisi ka koi dost hi nai hai (In India, the footpath is constructed with a view that no one in this country has friends). You cannot walk side-by-side on an Indian footpath.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Videos

Anu Menon: Wonder Menon

Released in 2019, Wonder Menon by Anu Menon is one of Amazon specials. Anuradha (Anu) Menon was one of the VJs in Channel V. Known for her comic timing while she played Lola Kutty on the channel, Anu’s 70-minute long set was a combination of cracks on her Gujarati in-laws, her upbringing in a Malayalee household and daily life of a mother. If you let her, Anu is sure to entertain you through a lazy Sunday.

TBC’s favourite joke: According to Kerala law, every self-respecting Malayali family donates one member to the Gulf.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Videos

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

The Daily Show host’s Netflix comedy special is a laughter riot. Directed by David Paul Meyer (who also directs Trevor’s talk show), he talks about the City of Angels, his ‘Balinese experience’, his South African culture, and racism immunity, among other things. Decider, in its review, wrote, “Noah shines not so much in the scripted moments, but in the scenes in between.” Give it a try this weekend.

TBC’s favourite joke: We are living through a time when we are all learning about the Presidency at the same time as the President (former president Donald Trump), that’s never happened.

Where to watch: Netflix

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given

Released in 2020, Hart’s Netflix comedy special ranked no. 1 on the platform for the year. The setting of this special is particularly interesting as amid the COVID-19 scare, Hart invited people to watch him crack jokes in his living room. In the special, he talks about group chats with male friends, sex after 40, and dealing with life during the pandemic. In its review, Vulture wrote, “This is Hart taking those neuroses out one by one and putting them on a stage in his own living room for the world to examine. It's deliberate, painstaking, and masterful.” For other specials, we’ve mentioned our favourite jokes from the sets, but when it comes to Hart’s comedy we don’t think it can be written down, you got to see it to believe it (watch the trailer).

TBC’s favourite joke (the entire show, watch the trailer):

Where to watch: Netflix

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

The central theme of Hasan’s set is the immigrant experience in the US. He delicately but deliberately touches upon topics like racism, bullying and rejection while also struggling with demanding immigrant parents who think the best they could have given to the son is being in the States. In its review, Scroll wrote, “Politics apart, Homecoming King is a wonderfully realised portrait of the immigrant experience.”

TBC’s favourite joke: Our parents (Brown parents in the US) are like a firewall to the outside world. Information comes in and then they disseminate it to us. It’s like living in North Korea.

Where to watch: Netflix

Hope you have a happy weekend!

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