Thrillers we watched last week

And you should watch in the upcoming week
Thrillers we watched last week
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With every passing day, OTT platforms are striving to bring better content to the audience. I remember the days when watching anything that was not on TV, was a tedious task. Beg, borrow or steal was truly the only way out. Additionally, there was also the problem of endless waiting. And when the new episodes were finally out, the hunt for free streaming would begin.

But all of this is now a tale of the past. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and all the other platforms have saved us all the trouble. The team, there is plenty of fish in the sea truly fits our situation now.

In the last week, we found some interesting streams that had us glued to our screen. And we thought what better time than the beginning of the month to share a list of OTT suggestions.

The Stranger (mini-series) Based on Harlan Coben’s novel with the same name, The Stranger is a British mini-series of eight episodes. Once you make peace with the intertwined characters, plots and sub-plots, the mini-series will have you staring at your screen for hours. The show follows a series of events in a town after an anonymous person goes around spilling dark secrets. A mix of complicated events occurs following this, breaking relations and trust forever.

Eagerly waiting for season 2!

Where to watch: Netflix

Drishyam 2: If you have not watched Drishyam yet, you need to stop everything that you are doing and watch it now! Whats credible about the story is the ability of a common-man to escape his problems. The mere simplicity and the thrill is sure to have you hooked.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Behind her eyes: If you are looking for something that you can finish in a day, then here is your answer. Behind her eyes is a story about a single mother who gets involved in a secret friendship with her boss's wife; while being in an intimate relationship with her boss. What unfurls in the process is a dark past full of secrets and miseries. The series has you guessing throughout its entirety only to leave you confused.

Where to watch: Netflix

I Care a Lot: If you have watched Gone Girl and were absolutely spellbound after the film, you are sure to like this one. I Care A Lot is a thriller dark comedy based on a lady who manages legal guardianship of elders. By manages, we mean drugs her way through. But tables turn when a mafia gets involved. Care may not always mean what we think.

Where to watch: Netflix

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