10 Pet-Friendly Cafes in the Oxford of the East

Does separation anxiety swallow you whole whenever you have to leave your fur baby at home? Well, fret no more! because here is a list of 10 'paw-some' cafes made to satiate the needs of all species
10 Pet-Friendly Cafes in the Oxford of the East
10 Pet-Friendly Cafes in the Oxford of the EastImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

By Khushi Maheshwari 

Hear Ye Hear ye! All pooches, purrs, floofs, and floofsters with their human buddies gather around as The Bridge Chronicle brings to you a list of comfy places to eat out and plan the perfect pet date in Pune City. Leaving your fur baby at home while you go out to eat is probably one of the most atrocious guilts a pet parent has to carry in their lives, (a close second to accidentally stepping on your pet’s tail and finding a way to tell them that you’re sorry and did not mean to do it). Well, you can cross that worry off your list and check out the following places: 

  1. The Pet Cafe (Koregaon Park): A pet cafe, that’s human friendly. Located in Koregaon Park, The Pet Cafe is the perfect place for your pet to unwind, socialise, eat, and get groomed. It has a separate 

  2. The Fat Labrador Cafe: Located in Bavdhan, this cafe is pet-friendly. For those who crave to be around dogs but cannot afford one yet, the Fat Labrador Cafe houses some of their pets as well, so fill up on head pats and belly rubs before you arrive. 

  3. Elephant and Co.: A gastropub with a variety of delicious cocktails, located in the prime area of Baner Elephant and Co. offers an attractive setting for both you and your pet. 

  4. Yogi Tree: A cafe situated in silence with trees around and you sip on your drink. Could it get any better? Yes it can. With pets playing around, this spot is perfect for a quiet and tranquil evening. 

  5. Prem’s: the setting is perfect for a cute little date, but that is not the only attraction of this cafe. It is a welcoming cafe even for pets, and if your date is a pet lover too, how about a double date?

  6. Cafe Joshua: With an all inclusive menu, this place serves hot dogs and a variety of veggies for your pets, with lots of toys to keep the little ones (and the big ones) busy, while you enjoy your meals.

  7. The Flour Works: Does your pet need a new friend? Well then, The Flour Works is the place to go. Along with the home dog, the restaurant sees frequent visitors in some quiet strays as well. The outdoor space is perfect for the furry ones as there is ample space for the restless to move around.

  8. The Hangover Cafe: This cosy and comfortable cafe lights up the mood even for your pets. With amazing treats for you and your four legged companion, The Hangover Cafe is the spot to relax with your pet. 

  9. Butter Brews: Known for its ambiance, warm vibes and quaint environment; Butter Brews offers the best hot chocolate and a chill environment for both you and your fur baby. 

  10. The Rustle Nest: Transport your taste buds to France, with this fantastic little French Bistro which offers space for your pet too. Located in the prime area of Baner, The Rustle Nest is a beloved hang out place!

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