Jatin Pandit: I have realised the power of music — it’s part of god

Jatin Pandit: I have realised the power of music — it’s part of god

You can feel the hope and the appeal for forgiveness in the recently released song — Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar. What makes it special is the fact that it’s the first collaboration between veteran music composer Jatin Pandit and his son Raahul Jatin. The song was shot at home adhering to all social distancing norms laid down by the Government of India. Entertainment, film, movie

The effort through the track is directed towards awakening the collective consciousness in the  pandemic world. The prayer-like song has been penned and composed by Pandit, while its music is produced by Raahul. It has been sung by both of them.

A divine feeling

Sharing the history behind making the track, Pandit says, “A friend of mine from Toronto wanted to make a love story and I had also liked the story when he narrated it to me. He wanted a romantic track, something on the lines of Pehla Nasha (from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar). But I couldn’t get myself to work on the romantic track because my thoughts were somewhere else. The situation because of Covid 19 around us was disturbing me and I realised that I should work on those thoughts.”

“People like me and many others are still in a better place because we are living in our homes but what about the homeless? We are asking them to wash their hands when they do not even have drinking water. Like a flow, the song came to me and I composed it. When I was composing it, Raahul asked me what I was working on and he wanted to listen to the song. He thought there’s a certain divine feeling to it and decided to produce it. My wife also got involved in the song and helped us in the production and shooting. All three of us have put in efforts to make the track,” he says.

To this Raahul adds, “I heard my dad humming the melody and picked up his notebook to read the lyrics.  I joined him in to sing the song and realised that this should reach everyone, it must be recorded. I felt a sudden sense of calm and strength while singing the song and instantly felt that everyone needed that dose of calmness and strength.”

Pandit believes that whatever is happening right now is for a reason. “It feels like god has pressed the reset button and everything is being aligned. Humans are waking up and nature has got cleansed,” he says, adding, “The pandemic has slowed us down. There are certain changes in our lifestyles. Our lives have improved. We are following the norms and maintaining social distancing. That’s why I have prayed to god to forgive us, get us out of the situation and take care of the poor.”

It’s hard to imagine what will happen if the pandemic further spreads across the country on a massive scale. “If that happens, do you think anyone will entertain the poor people who do not have proper food, clothes or place to live? They will die,” says the composer who has given us numerous memorable tracks over the years.

No middle path

This is the first time that Raahul has teamed up with his father and he says he has given his best’. “I wasn’t nervous as such. If dad hadn’t liked my work, he would have got it done from someone else. I had to give my best and I am happy that he liked it.”

Pandit says that a person is either creative or he isn’t. “There is no midway. The middle path is copying someone. I have creativity in me and so does Raahul. The thing with creativity is that once you find the focal point, your talent will emerge out. It rarely happens that you make a song and you do not like it. When I make a bad song, I do not put it forward. When I made this song, I was feeling nice internally,” he says.

Music, a blessing from god

It is believed that in situations like these, music helps in healing. “Music ishwar ka roop hai. God only makes those inclined towards music who have a clean heart, who do not think bad of others. Those who do not have these qualities, are aggressive and mean, those qualities reflect in their music,” says Pandit.

He adds that music definitely helps in keeping us in a healthy state of mind and that’s something we have realised during the lockdown. “I have realised the power of music;  it’s part of god,” he says.

Raahul, who made his debut last year with a single — Aankhon Ke Ishaare released by Zee Music, adds that music definitely helps in keeping your mind positive. “You always feel nice listening to good music,” he observes.

Learning from the young generation

The father-son duo hopes to work together in the future. Pandit has worked with many young singers and musicians. He says that there is so much that the youngsters can teach you. “Whatever they think or say, is aligned with technology, situations around them and with people. Whatever good work I have done and whatever people have appreciated, it’s all past glory. Raahul is the present. He is working and if he feels that a song that I am working on sounds from an era, I make changes. I respect his suggestions. Sometimes I tell him, ‘I have worked till here, why don’t you take it forward?’. That brings a certain level of freshness and newness to the song,” says the senior musician.

He adds that the young generation is intelligent, focussed and they are health-conscious too. The music composer adds that he always keeps telling his son that he should keep working hard and trying. “If you are standing in the queue, you will get the chance. Sometimes, that chance comes a little late but if you have the talent and work hard, you will get it,” he says, adding that Raahul works eight hours on his music and because of him, he also upgrades himself.

The family legacy

It’s a huge responsibility on Raahul to take the family legacy forward. Pandit says that Raahul has the capabilities. “His voice is very soothing and I am saying this based on the experience I have had over the years. What matters is, ‘the right place, right time and right people’. He will get the opportunities and he just needs to keep working towards it,” says the proud father.

Raahul doesn’t think of the responsibility right now but he might in the future. “Thankfully, so far people have been very supportive. Also, I do not think, I make bad music,” he concludes. 

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