Explore Pune’s Secondhand Bookstores: Affordable Reads for Every Bookworm

Explore Pune’s rich literary scene with our guide to the city's best secondhand bookstores. From the bustling ABC Chowk to the cozy Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe, discover where to find rare gems, academic texts, and more—all at unbeatable prices. Dive into the world of affordable reading in Pune!
Explore Pune’s Secondhand Bookstores: Affordable Reads for Every Bookworm
Explore Pune’s Secondhand Bookstores: Affordable Reads for Every BookwormImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Pune, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant academic scene, is also home to numerous secondhand bookstores that cater to book lovers of all ages and interests. Whether you are looking for rare finds, academic textbooks, or the latest bestsellers at a fraction of the price, Pune has something for everyone. Here is a list of some of the best secondhand bookstores you should definitely check out.

ABC Chowk (Appa Balwant Chowk)

Located at the intersection of Budhwar and Narayan Peth, ABC Chowk is often referred to as Pune's street library. This bustling book market has been around since the 1950s and is famous for its extensive collection of secondhand books, ranging from academic texts to popular novels. Stores like Pragati Educational Mall, Natraj Bookstore, Goel Bookstore, and Hindu Law House are some of the notable ones here. If you are hunting for a particular book, chances are you will find it at ABC Chowk.

Here's how to reach Appa Balwant Chowk

Book World

Situated in the basement of Sagar Arcade on FC Road, Book World is a treasure trove for book enthusiasts. The store offers a wide array of genres including literary classics, modern comics, and academic books. It's known for its well-organized shelves and helpful staff who can assist you in finding specific titles. Plus, you can find magazines and unique cookbooks starting at just INR 50.

Here's how to reach Book World

The Word Book Shop

Nestled in the Camp area off MG Road, The Word Book Shop is another gem that has been serving book lovers since 1990. This shop specializes in books on art, architecture, design, advertising, and academic references, making it a great spot for students and professionals alike. They also have a children's section and offer subscriptions for international magazines and journals​.

Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe

Located on the Baner-Pashan link road, Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe combines the joy of reading with the comfort of a cozy cafe. This unique spot offers a variety of secondhand books, including self-help, fiction, poetry, and short stories. The atmosphere is perfect for spending a leisurely afternoon browsing through books while enjoying a cup of chai​.

Kirti Book Agency

Situated in Aundh near BBC Towers, Kirti Book Agency caters to a diverse range of reading preferences. From academic textbooks for all school grades to a rich collection of classics, suspense novels, and historical fiction, this store has it all. It’s an excellent place to find books in regional languages like Hindi and Marathi as well​.

Akshardhara Book Gallery

Akshardhara Book Gallery, located on Bajirao Road, is dedicated to promoting reading habits and literature. This well-known book gallery offers a vast collection of books in various genres, including secondhand books. Akshardhara Book Gallery is a haven for those looking to explore different literary works without breaking the bank.


While primarily an online service, Qissakhor stands out for its home delivery of both new and used books. They offer books on a read-and-return basis, making it a convenient option for avid readers who prefer to read a book and then return it for another. Qissakhor's collection spans across languages including Hindi, English, and Marathi​.

Exploring these bookstores not only helps you find great books at affordable prices but also supports local businesses and promotes sustainable reading practices. So, next time you are in Pune, be sure to visit these secondhand bookstores and dive into the world of endless literary possibilities.

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