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We tried three period subscription boxes and here's what we think about them.
The Pink Box, &Me period subscription boxes
The Pink Box, &Me period subscription boxesThe Bridge Chronicle

Amid all the last minute run-ins to the supermarket, it sure is reassuring to have someone deliver period essentials at your doorstep every month. And although that seems like something almost God-sent, we're here to tell you that period boxes are now a thing! The Bridge Chronicle unboxed two most-talked-about period subscription boxes in India, and here's our first impression:

The Pink Box: Pamper Hamper

Who doesn't like to be pampered on their period? And when the pampering includes all-healthy munchies, then where's the guilt. As the name suggests, the Pamper Hamper by The Pink Box is crafted to spoil you with everything you could crave during your period. The box is carefully curated with a mix of sweet and savoury treats to cater to all your moods and needs. It also includes a set of teas, facemasks, lip balm and an aromatic candle to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed after a long day.

Note: The box keeps changing the products and we are reviewing it for the products that we received.

Open Secrets Cookies: We feel this is one of the best brands we were introduced to through the subscription box! Though their Spicy Peanut butter chips were a little too strong for us, the cookies were to die for. We received the choco almond nutty cookies, peanut butter nutty cookies, white chocolate cashew nutty cookies, and it's hard to pick one! The cookies are a mix of nuts, chocolate, and rice crispies that blend perfectly to fix a sweet tooth.

Yoga bar trail mix: You can never go wrong with a trail mix. Yoga bar offers trail mixes in various flavours but we were glad we received the mint flavour. A trail mix is essentially a mix of nuts, berries and seeds that help in keeping your body cool on the inside. It has a plethora of benefits and we're actually considering making trail mixes a regular snack.

To be honest golden sweet potato chips: Dried and baked chips are always a better idea than piling on those fried potatoes. The sweet potato chips are a hint of both -- savoury at first, and then sweet. It is a tasty snack that you can munch on while watching something. It is non-oily and non-greasy making it a perfectly healthy snack.

Quick look at the contents of the boxes:

&Me's Period Subscription box

When compared with The Pink Box, &Me's subscription-based box may seem a little pricey. There aren't as many contents in it; the company has included its in-house products in the carton. The salmon-pink carton comes with smaller boxes of the same colour. And although we knew what we had picked for ours, it was still exciting to get a peek into it!

No Compromise Sanitary Napkins
No Compromise Sanitary NapkinsThe Bridge Chronicle

No Compromise Sanitary pads: Neatly stacked in a box, the pack of ten are light and comfortable to use. With six layers of heavy flow protection, superior absorption, extra absorbent gel sheets, and a secured comfort fit, the pad promises to be toxin-free and odour-free.

&Me Chocolates: I wouldn't lie, I was most excited about trying the famed 'period chocolates'. The website and its box claim that the chocolate has magnesium and dark cocoa, ashwagandha, stevia and 12 micronutrients. The 'Fruit & Nut' flavour contains other herbs, including Ashoka, Shatavari, cranberry and black pepper. And while the combination is questionable, there's a good chance you may not be able to taste most of it because of the cocoa. Dark chocolate lovers, you're going to find yourself a treat -- but unfortunately, this flavour did not bode well with us a lot. The lack of flavour (despite all the ingredients) was a little disheartening -- more so since it is exorbitantly priced otherwise.

&Me Period Chocolates
&Me Period ChocolatesThe Bridge Chronicle

&Me Soothe roll-on: This period relief roll-on came in a curious, tube-shaped packing. The roll-on comes including a natural blend with no parabens, sulphates, toxins, chlorine, phthalates, or any artificial fragrances. However, you can't miss the relaxing aroma of the concoction the minute you twist it open! I used it for period-induced leg pain, and it got me to sleep in no time.

&Me Period Tea: At a glance, 'period tea' doesn't sound like a very appealing option. But the spearmint flavour was refreshing, and it made an excellent detoxifying beverage. We're not sure if all the ingredients provide us with the relief we need for our period-induced pain. However, we do know that it lifts your mood and makes a rejuvenating sip. So, good to go!

&Me Easy Menstrual cup: For those who haven't yet switched to cups, the transition can seem scary. However, &Me's cups are easy to insert, and they provide eight-hour leak-proof protection. On days of heavy flow, you may need to empty it sooner -- but other than that, it was quite easy to forget about it through the day.

The Pink Box: Period subscription box

Oh Sweet Chipotle chips: The 'smart-phone friendly' chips were a great snack. Crunchy, and just the right amount of sweet. Of course, the chips in the packet seem barely enough once you're munching on them -- but we're ready to give that a pass!

Mond'sub Avocado Facial Mask: A pamper-party is incomplete without a face mask. After wearing the other kind of face mask for the entire day, an invigorating avocado facial is a need of the hour. The mask, if nothing else, gives you a break from stress. The avocado essence helps moisturise your skin.

Mond'sub Avocado Facial Mask
Mond'sub Avocado Facial MaskThe Bridge Chronicle

Vaadi Herbals mint lip balm: A peculiar addition to a menstrual subscription box — we can't deny that. But either way, we're not complaining! Fresh, and undoubtedly minty, the lip balm reminded us of toothpaste. But of course, the cooling effect was worth the minty breath. And you're not going to feel guilty for accidentally ingesting some of it! Slightly on the greasy side, we're not sure if we'd invest in one, but we're glad they included one in ours for our pamper-sesh.

Pain relief cream: Could there be anything more God-sent than a pain relief cream during our menstrual cycle? Despite its sketchy appearance (read: a strange, unnamed case with no ingredients or name), the aroma was comforting, and we weren't so sceptical after trying it. However, we're not sure if the cream is to relieve pain in our legs, lower abdomen or the in-general tiredness that comes with our period. Therefore, a sticker with some information would've been helpful.

Snackible's Pudina Makhana
Snackible's Pudina MakhanaThe Bridge Chronicle

Snackible Pudina Makhana: If you're often wallowing in guilt after binging your favourite snack during your cycle — this will make sure you don't anymore. We weren't sure why makhana is so underrated, but after we found most of them soggy in the packet — we realised it the hard way. We're not sure if it was the packaging or the questionable weather, but the snack was not how we imagined it to be. The pudina flavour wasn't very overpowering, and we couldn't stop munching on these. Of course, you could give it a whirl in the microwave and enjoy it a little more if you'd wish.

Pack of Sanitary napkins: You can order your trusted brand of sanitary napkins. We went with Stayfree, and it came wrapped neatly in a sheer, yellow bag. All in all, we had no complaints from the brand or its packaging.

The verdict

Out of the three boxes, we preferred &Me's -- however, based on the price tag, it may or may not be feasible to afford one every month. While the pamper box is comforting, we're not too sure if it is 'period' essential. You could order one for your best friend, or partner, any given time. The Pink Box's Period subscription box is perhaps our favourite out of the lot. And if you were thinking about going for it, here is a nudge from us to go ahead!

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