Wellness has become a way of life and everyone is investing into it, to be able to cope with the growing needs and fast paced lifestyle.
Wellness has become a way of life and everyone is investing into it, to be able to cope with the growing needs and fast paced lifestyle.The Bridge Chronicle

Wellness trends that will make you feel beautiful inside out

The wellness industry is valued at $4.5 trillion and is growing at a historic rate. Here are some of the popular wellness trends.

Wellness these days is a way of life. It has gained tremendous currency. Since ancient times humans have been conscious of their wellness. It's only between the 1970s to the 1990s when it became a popular word.

Most of the credit goes to Jane Fonda's first '½workout video' in the 1980s. When only a few could make their mark in the fitness world, the video immediately became bestselling in the "at-home-fitness" segment, bringing about a revolution to the wellness industry. Many brands are trying to tap into this segment to gain profits. According to Global Wellness Institute's reports, the wellness industry is valued at $4.5 trillion and is growing at a historic rate.

Along with fitness, people have become aware of their overall wellness and mindfulness to cope with the growing needs and fast-paced lifestyle. Wellness is a phenomenon that mainly focuses on optimizing overall physical and mental well-being. A myriad of holistic approaches emphasizes on "Self-care", "Fitness apps", "self-relaxing", "nature retreat", "detoxing", "sleep trackers", "health kits and devices", "spiritual healing".

To look beautiful, one has to feel beautiful, and that can only happen when you feel positive. Follow these wellness trends by Dr Paras, Life-leadership Coach and founder of Matrix, for a beautiful you in 2020.

DNA Testing

Genetic testing will illuminate almost everything as it helps you with in-depth insights into your family and ancestral heritage. Exclusive Genetic testing for health benefits is rapidly increasing. This is a tremendous step to put an end to procrastination and a one-size-fits-all approach.

This testing begins with a screening of mother and father to assess more than 250 hereditary diseases. Trio testing, where mother, father, and child are tested thoroughly. It could offer even more powerful information on true inheritance patterns and disease predispositions. Furthermore, "population-level genomic" data may also yield insights not only into disease, but also into important areas including fertility, resilience, and longevity.

Blue Mind

If you're seeing red, feeling angry, anxious, and stressed; don't despair! Try Blue mind. "Blue-mind theory" a mildly meditative state is as water-associated peace, calm and serenity. Water can be used during "self-hypnosis" and "meditation" which rewires the brain by cultivating a feeling of calm and enhances your ability to think clearly and acting appropriately. Water helps your body natural filter, it helps the liver to do its job efficiently. Water helps your brain to push out toxins and make the hormones are stable and balanced. Also, swimming, suffering, sailing, water spa or simply walking on the beach are going to be lapped again by people looking for alleviating the pain they suffer from physical stress.

Dopamine Fasting

This "feel-good-escape" and "act of balancing" method is the latest wellness trend that promises to sharpen your consciousness and ease your stress. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for the feeling of happiness. When you shop or drink alcohol, it releases a chemical in the brain that makes you instantly makes you feel good. Also, when you abstain from addictive activities, it is responsible, for making you feel motivated, courageous, calm and satisfied. Americans in the Bay area are abstaining from the addictions — tech, coffee, alcohol, sex — for a week (or even for a month) to revitalize their mind and recharge their body and rejuvenate their lives. Dopamine fasting will recalibrate your mind and will give you a balanced lifestyle.

Ice Bath

An ice bath is a traditional approach that is getting a new lease in life. Ice bath immersions also known as hydrotherapy is said to soothe your sore muscles and mind and thus gives you an active recovery. If you are seeking to incorporate strength and flexibility in your body then this therapy will work wonders for you. It constricts blood vessels, increases blood flow-speed circulation, flushes waste and reduces swelling and tissue breakdown due to injury or extreme obesity. Along with steam and sauna, many well-known gyms and yoga centres have placed ice-bath as a post-workout therapy for promoting immediate muscle pain recovery.

Ice bath immersions also known as hydrotherapy is common practice amongst atheletes to sooth sore muscles.
Ice bath immersions also known as hydrotherapy is common practice amongst atheletes to sooth sore muscles.


Perhaps not exactly the first thing you might think of in the morning as you cosy up from your bed. But most people aren't aware that drinking CBD tea first thing in the morning comes with miraculous and incredible benefits. Cannabis tea is a cannabis-infused drink prepared by steeping various parts of the cannabis plant in hot or cold water. Drinking CBD tea in the morning can alleviating everything from morning sickness to stress and can do wonders in terms of rehydrating you after sleeping for several hours. It reduces morning brain fog and helps to get the brain going for a productive day.

CBD works wonders for - stress relief, anxiety, nausea, pain, insomnia and terminates white fat in the body which is the source of diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions.


Living off-the-grid, in harmony with nature. It's an ancient way of naturalness and of becoming mindful as our forefathers lived. Many entrepreneurs are coaxing this approach of living in nature with a minimum-need-based lifestyle. Living closer to nature is immensely beneficial for your health and lowers the risk of mortality-according to the research. With naturotherapy like acupuncture, acupressure, massage and natural herbal medicines you can also reprogram your immune system.

Buddhist meditation

To achieve cleansing through spiritualism we need to strictly deviate ourselves from digital resources and deep dive into Buddhist meditation. Buddhist traditions offer offers a smorgasbord of different techniques of breath meditation which enhances your bhavana ("mental development") and jhana/dhyana (mental training) resulting in a calm and luminous mind. This includes different kinds of meditations like - "Walking Meditation", "Metta Meditation", "Sound Meditation", "Tonglen Meditation", "Meditation on the Sameness of Self and Others".

Piece of theory, "Times Structuring"

Looking forward to building some great relationships and some new friends this year? Try Eric Berne, the founder of �Transactional Analysis', where he suggested that human beings need to structure time and relationships with other people in some way. So to avoid an inbuilt drive to create chaos in relationships with other people due to poor time management, we need to structure our time with this piece of the theory which involves -withdrawals, certain rituals and past time activities.

Less Spice and Plant-based Meat

The process of healthy, natural and whole foods is important. People are not ready to give up on taste no matter what! So try plant-based meat which is less spicy and tastier. This is also known as the "Flexitarian Diet" is a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat which is very beneficial to health.

Plant based meat, also known as  mock meat is a is a substitute for regular meat for vegans.
Plant based meat, also known as mock meat is a is a substitute for regular meat for vegans.

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