Lootcase: My film has ‘real’ actors, says director Rajesh Krishnan

Lootcase: My film has ‘real’ actors, says director Rajesh Krishnan

Comedy flick Lootcase starts streaming on Disney + Hotstar from Friday. Directed by renowned ad-filmmaker Rajesh Krishnan, the cast for the film includes Kunal Kemmu, Gajraj Rao, Rasika Duggal, Ranvir Shorey and Vijay Raaz.

Rajesh Krishnan, who steps into the film world with his directorial debut, spoke to Sakal Times, shedding light into Lootcase’s plot, its digital release, the burning topic of ‘nepotism’, his next project and more. Here are the excerpts:

Q: Lootcase marks your film directorial debut. How different are the mediums of films and ads?

A: I have been associated with ad films for long. As an ad-director, I know how to entertain in 30 seconds as it is a quick graph to draw but to do it for two hours is no easy task. I think the skills are the same and you need a big graph to craft it where you can express your views on a larger scale. On any film set, nothing goes as prearranged. Only the nature of the graph in feature films differ when it comes to the skills. These skills just need to be transformed in the required manner. Also, it requires a very significant and unique style to stand out.

Q: What exactly is Lootcase?

A: Lootcase is a comedy flick. The movie is not really about people chasing money. It is about a man’s incapacity to deal with the fact that he’s found a bag full of money. Our unconscious decision was to do a movie which people of all age groups can watch in the country. Every incident in the film has inspiration from real life, and people will definitely love to watch it.

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Q: How was the experience working with a great cast such as Kunal Khemu, Gajraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey?

A: I had a particular dream of what shooting a feature film was all about, but then it was far beyond my expectations. My film has ‘real’ actors. I am so glad that these actors rolled the film. Kunal, Ranvir, Gajraj, Rasika are all talented actors. These are the big names in the industry, and everybody knows their talent. These actors are theatre artist. The only way to assure them and still feel like a director around was to get them to buy my vision. 

I began by narrating them that we are not doing a comedy film and they are playing serious parts. Their situation guarantees humour. Every single cast of the film is extremely talented. Like I said, each one of them has a distinct body of work, and that’s what makes this amazing film.

Q: The movie earlier was slated to release in the theatre. Now, it is releasing on an OTT platform. Will it create any difference?

A: Lootcase is my directorial debut and which director will miss the chance to watch his debut film on the big screen! We will all miss people laughing in chorus in theatres. I also understand the situation from the producers’ point of view. There is so much going on around us because of this novel coronavirus. People are depressed. It will be a success if our film brings a little joy during this worrisome time. Considering the current situation, I am happy that my film will be finally releasing on July 31.

Also, I don’t know about the future; we don’t have a crystal ball with us. My understanding is so far; OTT will stay for long now. Till 2016, nobody knew about the OTT platforms, but if you see how they are all making buzz, this is the post-reality!

Q: What are your thoughts on Nepotism in Bollywood?

A: The power lies in the hands of a person who pays money from the pocket to buy the ticket regardless to watch their favourite actors on the big screen. Yes, this is making buzz. This is not a new phenomenon; this is being run from the last many years, but there are different perspectives for it. There are many cases of people who are not up to the mark, and they have been encouraged enough. Any type of debate has desire as long as the persons stick to the rules of the debate. It has raised as a debate in the industry these days, but I am happy that right now the spotlight is on our industry.

Q: What’s next in your mind?

A: I would love to do a biopic. I am in the course of creating an idea of a film based on a real-life singer, who hails from the South. I can’t reveal it now but, yes surely, it about a musician, who had a tough childhood.

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