Monsoon Adventure Calling: Here is a List of Must Visit Treks in Pune

Are you bored with your basic day-to-day routine? The monsoon season is coming soon and it calls for some adventure. Experience the thrill and adrenaline rush by visiting some of these beautiful treks in/near Pune this rainy season.
Monsoon Adventure Calling: Here is a List of Must Visit Treks in Pune
Monsoon Adventure Calling: Here is a List of Must Visit Treks in Pune Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Pune is surrounded by the ‘Sahyadri’ range. It is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and natural trails. During monsoon season, the trails turn lush green and the waterfalls become the main tourist attraction. Punekars, why travel and spend so much to travel to Himachal Pradesh, when you can witness such amazing viewpoints nearby. 

Here is a guide for you to plan your vacation for the upcoming long weekend rainy getaways. From lush green views to breathtaking waterfalls, there is a paradise awaiting for you.

Andharban Trek

Andharban is composed of two words, Andhar meaning ‘dark’ and ban meaning ‘forest’. Therefore it means the ‘dark forest’. This trek is one of the most refreshing ones in the Sahyadri region and has descending unusual trails. Walking on the ridge will give you a scintillating view of Devkund Waterfall and Tamhini Ghat along the way. One will experience the beauty of Bhira Dam as the trek descends down to the valley.

Duration: 4-5 hrs; Distance: 13 kms; Base Village: Pimpri village near Tamhini Ghat; Best Time To Visit: June to September

Did you know?
The Western Ghats are older than the Himalayas and are believed to have formed around 150 millions years ago.

Bhimashankar Trek

Walking through the scenic and thrilling route, the Bhimashankar trek takes you to the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. The trek takes you through dense forest, rock climbing areas, steep mountain terrains, flowing waterfalls and beautiful streams and lakes. The trek is full of exotic flora and fauna. Along with witnessing the breathtaking views, one will also get to know about this place’s ancient history.

Altitude: 3400 ft. approx; Base Village: Khandas, Maharashtra (130 kms from Pune); Duration: 5-6 Hours; Best Time To Visit: June to September

Fun fact!
Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.
Bhimashankar Temple
Bhimashankar Temple

Lohagad Fort Trek

Are you planning a one-day trip? Lohagad trek is definitely a go-to place for you. It is located in Lonavala and is the best trek for beginners. Here you will get to see some beautiful lush green valleys and also, a few of the historic architectures. Lohagad in Marathi means ‘Iron Fort’. The Pawana lake looks mesmerizing from top of the range. After reaching the peak you will witness four doors.

Distance: 5 kms; Altitude: 3400 ft.; Base Village: Lohagad Wadi; Duration: 40 minutes; Best Time To Visit: June to September

Name of the four doors:
Ganesh Darwaja, Narayan Darwaja, Hanuma Darwaja, Maha Darwaja.

Rajgad Fort Trek

Rajgad trek is the king of forts. Trekkers will get to see the beautiful Sahyadri ranges as well as the magnificent fort. This trek offers the beautiful view of forts like Tung, Tikona, Raigad, Mahabaleshwar mountain ranges, and many more. You will also get to see many temples, small houses and lakes after you reach the top. The fort is a magical architecture and has some three long watchpoints also known as Machis, made in the shape of a snake. These three Machis are named as Padmavati Machi, Suvela Machi and Sanjivani Machi.

Distance: 10 kms; Duration: 5-6 hrs; Altitude: 4593 ft.; Best Time To Visit: Between July and February

The most popular Rajgad Fort route is via Chor Darwaza.

If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, then these are a few treks for you. There are many companies based in Pune that organise various treks to these places and generally offer packages to and fro the trek.

Do you know any trek that is near Pune and worth a visit? Let us know your suggestions in comments!

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