Pune Pride Supporters: Want to queer up for pride month? Here are 4 outfit ideas

June is globally celebrated as the pride month and this year, Pune is hosting multiple parades and events where you can pop up to show your support. While you prepare to do that, here are some outfit ideas that could help
Pune Pride Supporters: Want to queer up for pride month? Here are 5 outfit ideas
Pune Pride Supporters: Want to queer up for pride month? Here are 5 outfit ideas Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

With June comes the allure of a brightly shining sun in most parts of the country, but if you are a Punekar, you would know that June also marks the beginning of the encapsulating Pune Monsoon. A spell of showers that dampens the earth and rejuvenates the soul; and what do you get when the sun rays meet rain drops? That’s right, a spectacular rainbow. Something which would be on brand for the month of June, since it is also celebrated as pride month across the globe. Rainbows and spectral symbolism however have slowly become a tool for big corporations to market their products, especially during pride month. This is known as rainbow washing. 

Talking to the Bridge Chronicle, Shyam Konnur, one of the founders of the Mist foundation, the most active LGBTQIA+ organizations in the city, expressed his zeal for the forthcoming pride events in the  city, “pride is for everyone, we don’t want anyone to think that Mist or any other organization are synonymous with pride as a whole just because we have taken the initiative to host events; we do not endorse the rainbowashing of pride month. The individuals’ identities are what matters.” 

Rainbow Washing can essentially be defined as a corporate strategy to use overtly queer patterns, slang, and colors (like the rainbow) to market their products during pride month and give the impression that they support the community without actually doing anything substantial; to aid it. 

June is ostensibly a month that symbolizes growth, with that in mind, grow your queer fashion beyond the rainbow hues and embrace the following androgynous outfit inspirations:  

  1. Jort it up:  Low waist, high waist, slung back, fitted, or loose, there is something so versalite about jean shorts or jorts. The best part is, jorts can be paired up with practically anything. A short cotton kurti, an oversized sports jersey, and even a small little tank. Outfit idea: Begin with a pair of mildly distressed or ripped jorts, pair them up with a relaxed fit button up shirt, leave a few buttons open to display your minimalist silver or gold, or rose gold jewelry and for a grunge touch wear the classic combat boots for footwear or go for a chic pair of pumps to flex the diva in you. 

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2. Do not sugarcoat, Waistcoat: Waistcoats, a sleeveless garment made for the upper body has revolutionized androgynous fashion. What used to be considered only appropriate for a Cisgender Heterosexual man has now been beautifully claimed and transformed into a beautiful key element of androgynous fashion. Outfit idea: Pick out the baggiest, most comfortable harem pants from your wardrobe, pair it up with a cutesy basic t-shirt along with a sleek gold or silver plated pendant (and other jewelry if you have piercings), step into your favorite pair of boots or sneakers, and to top it off put on the waistcoat with buttons open over the t-shirt. For a fun little twist you can add on accessories such as a bucket hat.


3. Sarees: Oh you thought this was another whitewashed article that will only include western clothing? Think again! For all the desi queers in the house, pick out the best sarees from your mothers’ evergreen closets and drape it with pride. Pair them up with tons of oxidized jewelry- rings, anklets, earrings, nose rings, septum rings, chunky necklaces and don’t look back, to up the ante, style the saree on top of an ethnic sherwani and for a subtler look drape it over a basic solid kurta or shirt/ tshirt 

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Vikramaditya Sahai's 'mummy ki saree' campaign is bridging the gap between mothers and their trans children
Queer activist Vikramaditya Sahai's 'Mummy ki saree' initiative motivates mothers to pass on their sarees to their trans, gender non-conforming, gender fluid and non-binary children. In turn, it also encourages mothers to embark on a journey of love and acceptance for their queer children.

4. God Bless this hot ‘Mesh’: Mesh is essentially a see-through, light weight, semi transparent garment, mainly used to make upper body articles like tops, tanks, and shirts. Mesh-wear has gained quite a lot of popularity among the Gen-Z queer folks. 

Outfit idea: Pick out an embroidered mesh button up shirt or sleeveless tank top, pair it up with monochrome leather pants, and slip into either a chunky pair of loafers or stylish and high stilettos to complete your hot mesh look! 

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Flaunt these styles at an upcoming Pride event scheduled to happen on 29th June at F.C Social. The event titled as 'Satrangi Mela' is an all day flea market, organized by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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