World Art Day- A celebration of colours, expression, voice, and change in Pune.

From resonating with culture, Pune has exemplified tastes in various art forms, here is a deep dive into what one can do this World Art Day in Pune.
World Art Day - Pune
World Art Day - PuneImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Exploring the transformative power of Art- World Art Day, the 15th of April is celebrated globally as World Art Day. The day gained its significance in 1954 when the founder organisation, the International Association of Art in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) started an association to create awareness about the freedom of artistic skills and beliefs.

The very first Art Day was celebrated in 2012, it is no surprise that the day falls on the birthday of the world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. It is a very important day in the lives of many artists as it develops a sense of belongingness amongst many artists building the perspectives of a community.

Fostering International creativity has been the main motive for coming up with this day, first founded in Paris by the IAA and UNESCO, it promotes international cooperation amongst artists all around the world. This article closely follows the art culture in our very dear city Pune. Pune is home to many art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and music cafes that you can surely pay a visit to this World Art Day.

Did you know?

Pune is Called the and puts forth an "Oxford of the East"  array of treasures of art and culture diversifying the East with bright antiquities of human talent including literature, classical music, paintings, wadas, and fortresses. 

Recently many individual artists, dancers, performers, and collectors have discovered a fresh hub in the form of the new Zapurza Museum of Art and Culture, this campus is spread over 7 acres of land across Kadhakwasla in Pune. It caters to an auditorium of 200 seats and an amphitheater of 600 seats, welcoming innovation and art from a diverse number of artists. It is the perfect blend of art, music, and trust me Maharashtrian delicacies making it your topmost choice to visit this World Art Day.  

Interested in Artifacts, hold up we have the right list here!

Raja Dinkar Museum is an ancient heritage place to visit which houses more than 20,000 artifacts ranging from year-old historical features. It was established in the year 1920 and out of the 20,000 artifacts only 2500 are available for the public for display. 

The Tribal Cultural Museum is located within the Tribal Research and Training Institute, the Tribal Cultural Museum in Pune offers a captivating exploration of Maharashtra's tribal heritage, it helps the people delve into the art and culture of the region with their indigenous value.

Where do all the Artists concierge?

The winding lanes of Kasba Peth are quite a delight to all the art lovers in and around Pune, the paintings on the walls of these stress are mystifying making the eyes of every passerby filled with mystery.

One such beautiful Artwork is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by the artist Nilesh Dinesh Kharade. It is one of the largest murals in India; 55 Feet in Height & 22 Feet in Length and it was inaugurated on 19th February 2021.

Art and Pune are synonymous with the museums holding up the baton of ancient artifacts Pune has several art galleries distinctively creating a community for artists making roars all around. 

Pune has several galleries showcasing work from artists from all around the region and out, but here are five Galleries one should surely dive into; 

Tilting Art Gallery: right in the center of the city is the perfect spot for art enthusiasts with many other galleries like-  Freida Art House, Art2Day Gallery, VHC Art Gallery and Bhaskar Mandolu Art House. 

The city has constantly welcomed several art forms and helped so many artists explore and share their work and help them leave a footprint behind in the beautiful cultural capital of Pune.

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