Five things to keep in mind before you start online dating

The unconventional ways of dating are past us, so here's how you can keep up with the digital age.
A few simple steps can make your online dating experience better.
A few simple steps can make your online dating experience better.The Bridge Chronicle

We've made peace with the fact that the digital age is shaking up our routine. That said, nothing comes with a user's manual, and neither does the phase in our life. And we can rely on several tell-tale experiences, or we can read up and gain a perspective before we head out to try things on our own. Online dating has picked up pace in the past couple of years but has been a lifesaver for the times we're living in today.

Don't get us wrong, we're all for the traditional boy-meets-girl narrative, but we're also eager to hop on board the digital bandwagon! So, if you are wondering where to begin your research, we have a comprehensive list of things you need to keep in mind before you hurriedly download an app and start meeting people. Scroll down to find out more:

Do your app research well

There are a host of dating apps available online -- and we can't be the only ones who are confused! How do you know what to pick -- especially when you don't really know where to begin? These are legit concerns, and we're here to tell you: Do your research! It may seem tempting to hop on to every app possible, but being spoilt for choice is not exactly what your aim should be.

Check which app is the safest, tried and tested or most preferred in the dating apps category. Once you narrow down to your top three, begin with the first one before you discard it into the useless pile! Avoid picking out sketchy apps or those that don't have a considerable amount of reviews.

Don't invest a lot of time before you meet someone

It may seem pointless, but it is crucial to meet someone before deciding to invest any more time or energy. Whether you're someone who enjoys keeping the traditional magic of dating alive or someone who prefers knowing if the person is worth the effort — this technique will make sure it works out for you either way.

Besides, there's a reason why there is only limited information on the app. First dates can get awkward, and it is always nice to have something new to talk about. That said, try not to rush into meeting someone you've barely spoken to — get on a quick phone or video call before you propose a date.

Say goodbye to your meet-cute

Bollywood (and all those Netflix originals starring Noah Centineo) have messed us up, and we're always hoping to run into the love of our life in the most romantic possible way. However, when it is finally time to address the "where did you two meet" question, you might simply have to bid farewell to your lovely fantasy of a meet-cute! Often considered a practical approach to dating, online apps don't exactly make for a good story later in life.

But we're not discouraging you from getting your ideal love story; there's always a chance to pave the way for the perfect meet-cute after the first date! So, don't lose hope.

Expect a few white lies!

Online dating has sped up what otherwise takes months, so there's a fair chance your date has put up boastful facts or pictures about themselves that may or may not be accurate. And we've all had our share of white lies while impressing someone we like, but it is crucial to know if they're lying to impress or for something potentially more harmful.

That said, a couple of more KGs on the weight or inches on height shouldn't make a difference. Go ahead and put up the heavily filtered selfie -- after all, the first impression is the last impression -- more so when you have less than five seconds to spare on every swipe!

Remember: It's just a date!

Don't stress out because an online date, eventually, is a date! It will be awkward, messy and it also has the potential to turn out terrible. What you can do, however, is make sure you keep your expectation levels in check. In a day and age where a computer matches you, you need to outsmart destiny in your own ways.

Take online dating like socialising, and don't let the availability of options confuse you. For all you know, you could be one step away from your fairytale.

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