TBC Tales: To Dust You Shall Return
You are dust and unto dust you shall return is a part of a verse from the BibleImage source; The Bridge Chronicle

TBC Tales: To Dust You Shall Return

The Bridge Chronicle documents a Covid-19 warrior's efforts towards humanity.

Initially when the COVID19 pandemic struck Pune, Pune Municipal Corporation was taking care of victims who succumbed to the novel coronavirus by cremating them. Any sort of burial rituals were not followed due to the fear of infection. It was at this moment when NGOs in Pune took up the responsibility of burying Christian and Muslim victims according to their religious customs.

One among them is a woman named Sagayi Rajesh Nair who has taken it upon herself to perform the last rites for the ones who died because of the virus. She refuses to accept any fees for the work, citing that she is only doing God’s work. The Bridge Chronicle documents her efforts towards humanity.

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