Anil Deshmukh: Families of police who died of COVID-19 can continue to stay in government quarters

Anil Deshmukh: Families of police who died of COVID-19 can continue to stay in government quarters

Pune: Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has said that the families of police personnel, who lost their lives while fighting with this coronavirus pandemic can continue to stay in their government house. "Corona Warrior's should not worry about the roof over their heads as they will be getting accommodation till the retirement at government house.

The government has decided that the families of the police personnel who died due to COVID-19 will be able to stay at their official residence till the last date of retirement.

Regarding this, Home Minister Deshmukh said, "The government has taken this decision on humanitarian ground and to pay gratitude for their work for society. As after their death, the police personal had to vacate the quarters of government. But now, they will stay till the retirement age of the police personnel who died. This will be our contribution and tribute to pay homage to the Martyr police staff, who render their life and this is one of the most important sacrifices made for us. "

"Around 4,288 police personnel have been transmitted the coronavirus while rendering their duty. A total of 3,239 of them have completely recovered. But we have lost 51 brave police officers," said Deshmukh.

"At the same time, heroes who fight in any war need to be reassured, encouraged, and shown that they are not alone," he added.

Minister Deshmukh has so far visited more than 20 districts in Maharashtra, to personally check the hardships faced by the police. The sole purpose is to meet the police on the battlefield as they are leading the front on the field. Minister wanted to understand their problems so that he can work out on the possible solutions.

The responsibility of the police is huge in this war against corona. But the big task is to make the lockdown a success, apart from providing security. At the same time, the police have been entrusted with the task of repatriating foreign nationals and arrange for the same to their respective countries. 

The police force is multitasking with a shortage of manpower. They are at the frontline, fighting this deadly virus and simultaneously also maintaining the law and order in the state. The other fear is that they might contract the infection and put their families life at risk. Recognising the importance of maintaining the morale of the police, minister Deshmukh has taken the lead.

Special COVID helpline for Police

Cashless medical facilities for the police, special COVID-19 helpline, distribution of preventive drugs to the police, complete leave to the police above 55 years of age, as well as non-provision of work to the police above 50 years of age, are the culmination of this police liaison. As per Deshmukh's instructions, the Mumbai Police Commissionerate has also set up a special helpline for the police and their families. Ten additional COVID chambers have been set up.

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