BJP wants Maharashtra government to reopen all temples

BJP wants Maharashtra government to reopen all temples

Pune: There will be a state-wide bell ringing protest against the government on the backdrop of restarting temples and religious places on Friday. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has also supported this agitation and the party workers have been asked to actively participate in this agitation.

When contacted the Maharashtra state BJP state president and MLA Chandrakant Patil on Wednesday he admitted and said, “While participating in this agitation, BJP workers should follow all the rules for as well as wearing face mask, observing physical distance and others is mandatory.”

He said, “The central government has already issued a circular regarding the commencement of temples across the country. In Maharashtra too, many individuals and organisations have repeatedly demanded the state government to restart temples. Despite the unanimous demand that all the rules be accepted and temples and bhajans, pujaris and kirtans are started, the Mahavikas Aghadi government in the state does not accept it and is diverting the issue. To awaken them we have organised a bell-ringing agitation by various religious organizations and associations across the state to warn the "Thackeray government" and demand that temples be started. BJP is giving full support to this movement. Party office-bearers and workers will participate in this agitation.”

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