Coronavirus impact: 500 BEST workers get 'show cause' notices for being absent

Coronavirus impact: 500 BEST workers get 'show cause' notices for being absent

Since the lockdown was enforced, BEST continued its bus service to for essential service workers. However, due to the fear of COVID-19 several workers refuse to resume work, which is creating problems in managing service. Due to this, there is an inadequate workforce to drive the buses. Therefore, BEST authorities have sent notices to its 600 workers.

Before lockdown, 2800 BEST buses were running on the roads. This number came down to 1689 in lockdown period. From Monday, BEST buses have resumed for the public. As of now, a total of 2500 buses are providing service. There are no drivers for many buses. Therefore, "show cause" notices have been sent to 600 workers by BEST.

The fear among the workers

There is a looming fear among workers as COVID-19 contagion remains prevalent. Most of the workers live out of Mumbai. Several societies of BEST in Mumbai have also been quarantined.

The increasing infection of COVID-19 among workers and the death of a few due to the virus has caused fear amongst others.

The dissatisfaction of workers association

The number of coronavirus infected workers is increasing. Amidst such crisis, the government's decision to call workers mandatorily for work has welcomed criticism and opposition from the workers association. This decision of the government is called reckless by unions.

Staff attendance at hospitals increases

Attendance of staff has increased due to the fear of action by authorities. Many hospital workers such as ward boys and nurses who were absent for the work have received show-cause notices.

Absence of workers in essential services is creating a strain on the system. In many hospitals, due to the absence of ward boys and nurses, doctors are forced to handle everything by themselves in the COVID-19 ward. But as authorities indicated strict action against them, attendance at the hospital has considerably increased.

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