Coronavirus Maharashtra: 104-year old man recovers from COVID-19

Coronavirus Maharashtra: 104-year old man recovers from COVID-19

As a senior disabled man walked along the Durga Mata Mandir in Kalyan (East), clasping his walking stick on Friday evening, locals around the area expressed their happiness and cried out shouting 'Dadaji is back home.' The 108-year-old elderly man, named Anandi Jha, was accompanied by his 48-year-old son Mukesh who was seen wearing COVID-19 protective kit.

Anandi who was infected by the contagious coronavirus disease is the oldest man in Maharashtra to combat the infection and recover from it. The man was under treatment for 11 days after he was admitted to Vedant Hospital in Thane on June 23.

Anandi's son Mukesh, who is a builder by profession contracted the virus first which possibly infected his old father. TOI quoted Mukhesh as saying, "After I got infected, all my family underwent the test. Three of my kids had a fever. Only my wife and nephew tested negative."

Mukesh also added that he along with his family members were worried about Anandi because of his age. "His age was the reason for concern and so we got him admitted to the private hospital," said Mukesh. He also added that he along with his four children have been under self-quarantine for 14 days as prescribed by the doctor.

Anandi was under the treatment of Dr Vedant Bhanushali of Vedant Hospital, who said that the senior citizen was suffering from fever while his other medical conditions like blood pressure and oxygen level were normal. "This is rare especially in the case of a patient who is above 100 years of age," Dr. Bhanushali stated.

As Anandi was discharged from the hospital, his neighbours and family members celebrated his fight against the virus and his safe recovery. Over his return, the Kalyan-Dombivlic civic body officials said that it was positive news for the state as an elderly man above 100 years of age from the municipal area had recovered from the infection and returned home safe.

Dr Bhanushali said that the centenarian's fight against the disease and coming out victorious from it is commendable and flawless. "It debunks the misconception that it is impossible for an elderly person to fight Covid," Dr Bhanushali said. "All you need is willpower. Like in Anandi Jha's case," he added.

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