COVID-19: Baramati crosses 900 cases mark; nine deaths in last 24 hours

COVID-19: Baramati crosses 900 cases mark; nine deaths in last 24 hours

Pune: The number of Covid-19 patients in Baramati city has crossed 900 mark on Tuesday. In the last 24 hours, six patients from Baramati city and taluka have died due to Covid-19.

A total of 56 persons were diagnosed with Covid-19 disease on Monday and Tuesday. The number of Covid-19 cases in Baramati has gone up to 901 on Tuesday. A total of nine people have died, six of them were from Baramati city and the rest from tehsil area. So far, total 41 deaths have been reported from Baramati.

The rapidly rising death toll in Baramati has raised concerns of all. Citizens are not following instructions about use of masks while going out in public places and avoiding spitting in public places. As a result, many such citizens are acting as super-spreaders of the deadly Covid-19 disease.

Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the tehsil area including the city as well. Medical professionals say that adequate care is the key to Covid-19 affected patients irrespective of the patient being a common man or from the elite class.

The inadequate arrangement of ventilators in Baramati is also a cause for concern. Although twenty ventilators will be operational in the coming days at Silver Jubilee Hospital, there is a shortage of ventilator beds for patients who are in critical condition today.

With the unlocking phase implemented in Baramati, crowding at several locations has increased. Many shops are visited by customers who do not wear masks while several people have stopped using sanitisers. Most of the shopkeepers are not maintaining details of customers like their names and addresses. Unnecessary crowding at tea stalls is also a cause for concern.

District Collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh has ordered the administration officials to increase the number of rapid antigen tests conducted in Baramati where the number of Covid-19 cases is found to be high as compared to other tehsils in the Pune district.

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