COVID-19 Mumbai: No mask? Ready to shell out Rs 1,000 fine

COVID-19 Mumbai: No mask? Ready to shell out Rs 1,000 fine

In order to battle the novel coronavirus, Central government already issued an advisory where it mentioned that the use of masks is mandatory. 

Taking it forward,  the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai now has imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 on anyone found not wearing a mask outside their homes.

The directive comes as Mumbai which is worst hit by the coronavirus  prepares for a long battle with the coronavirus outbreak. So if you don't wear a mask, ready to shell out Rs 1,000.

The order issued by Municipal Comissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal states, "All persons moving for whatsoever purpose and under whatever reason or authority in public places like streets, office, shops, markets, clinics, hospital premises must compulsorily wear masks. Any person who is moving around in his personal or official vehicle must compulsorily wear a mask. Any person travelling in public transport, working at any site/office/workplace may compulsory wear a mask. No person, staff, officer will attend any meeting/gathering, workplace without compulsorily wearing a mask."

The order further reads, "Anybody violating this order will be punishable under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (48 of 1860) and a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed for each such offence by the police officer or the officers appointed by Assistant Commissioners of MCGM. All these officers are hereby authorised to impose penalty against the violators. These instructions must be followed very scrupulously."

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government extended the coronavirus lockdown till July 31 due to a continuous surge in the COVID-19 cases and deaths in the state.

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