Devendra Fadnavis: Make every effort to achieve PM Narendra Modi's resolution for a self-reliant India

Devendra Fadnavis: Make every effort to achieve PM Narendra Modi's resolution for a self-reliant India

Mumbai: In the Legislative assembly, Former Chief Minister and leader of the opposition, Devendra Fadnavis said, "Make every effort to achieve Prime Minister Narendra Modi's resolution for a self-reliant India"

Fadnavis, while concluding the virtual meeting of BJP state office bearers said, "The country is under strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By responding aggressively to the infiltration of China on the Ladakh border, PM Modi has shown that India is not what it used to be in 1962. Party office-bearers and workers should make efforts to achieve this resolution."

He added, "The coalition government has completely failed to cope with the situation created by the coronavirus outbreak in the state. Despite repeated suggestions to increase the number of tests in Mumbai, the government has ignored it all. The people are suffering because of the negative approach of the government."

Fadnavis further said, "The alliance government is failing to provide assistance to the farmers who are facing difficulties due to the lockdown. The alliance government has left 12 Balutedar, better known as the 12 traditional business practices like tailoring, cobbler, goldsmith, weaver, gardener, Barber and others are in the lurch. Despite the Central Government making substantial allocation from the Atmanirbhar Bharat package to provide relief, the Maharashtra state government is trying to blame the Central Government in order to hide its failures. It is playing politics in such scenarios too. This shows their attitude towards serving people."

The BJP's agitation will continue till the demands of the milk producers are met. Fadnavis also clarified that the agitation for the demands of the milk producers on August 1 will be completely practised and followed in a non-violent manner. People who will be part of the agitation will follow the guidelines laid down by the government, like social distancing, wearing masks and other precautionary measures.

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