Leopard killed in accident on Pune-Nashik highway

Leopard killed in accident on Pune-Nashik highway

Pune: In a shocking incident, an unidentified vehicle hit a Leopard on Pune-Nashik highway near Kalamb village.

The incident came to light, after the local resident Arun Bhalerao found a leopard in the pool of blood and alerted the forest officers about it. The leopard was rushed to hospital but was declared death. Later post-mortem was conducted as per the law laid down under The Wildlife Protection Act the final rites were conducted.

The officials of the Forest department carried out spot panchanama sleuths led by the Range Forest officer Yogesh Mahajan, forest officers naming BM Sable, Narayan Arunde, Kalapana Pandare, BG Bhalerao.

According to Forest officials, “It’s really unfortunate that people are driving the vehicle at rapid speed and neglecting the warning sign boards on such highway appealing them to drive slowly as some wild animal might be passing on such roads. Unlike the other animal it seems that leopard must got vibel after seeing a vehicle passing by on the road. The unidentified person roved the vehicle on hit and fled away.”

“The leopard was found dead on Pune Nashik Highway near Kalamb village. There was report about Leopard movement was observed in Ambegoan Taluka based Kalamb, Chaas, Sakore, Lauki and Chandel villages for last 15 days but he had not harm any human,” he added.

Speaking to Sakal Times Dr Sharad Nighot on the medical report, said, “Prima-facie it seems that the leopard who died was a male and approximately was one-year-old. He has sustained injuries on his leg and chest. It seemed someone had hit him by a moving vehicle passing by and he died on the spot due to the injuries. In Avsari-Peth area post mortem was conducted on him and later as per the law laid down under act he was burned.”

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