Maharashtra cabinet minister questions Akshay Kumar’s silence over #PetrolPriceHike

Maharashtra cabinet minister questions Akshay Kumar’s silence over #PetrolPriceHike

Amid the rising petrol and diesel prices in the country, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister, Jitendra Awhad targeted Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar for keeping quiet about the present situation. 

This comes to the foreground, as Akshay Kumar during UPA’s regime was an active citizen who raised his voice against the price hike in petrol and diesel. Back in 2011, he had tweeted, “Couldn’t even get to my house at nite for all of Mumbai was queuing up for petrol before the prices rocketed again.” 

The minister quoted the actor’s tweet and in return questioned him, “Are you not active on Twitter(?) Have you stopped using cars(?) Don’t you read the newspaper, Akshay Kumar (?)” Further Mr Awhad also added, “there has been a petrol and diesel price hike, for your information.”

According to media reports, Akshay Kumar deleted a tweet from 2012, which read, “Guys, I think it’s time to clean up your bicycles and hit the road! As per sources, expecting another petrol price hike.” 

The screenshot of the deleted tweet was circulating in Twitter and other social media platforms. 

The cabinet minister also tweeted about the continuous price hike in petrol and diesel for the last 19 days. Petrol price has been increased to Rs 8.30 per litre, and diesel’s rate stands at Rs 9.22 per ltr. 

With the hashtag #PetrolPriceHike, citizens of India have taken to the micro-blogging site to share their views on the news. 

Not just Netizens, the opposition party, Congress has also tweeted saying, “The 16th consecutive price hike on diesel & petrol amidst the worst economic period of the nation’s history - only the BJP could be this cruel.” 

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