Maharashtra: Fifth standard now to be a part of primary schooling
Maharashtra: Fifth standard now to be a part of primary schooling

Pune: As per the provisions laid down under the Right to Education Act (RTE), the Department of School Education has decided to gradually add the fifth-grade students into primary schools from the secondary schools. The department has also made adjustments to the teachers accordingly by the respective school authority. However, it has been clarified that the new posts should not be created while adjusting the classrooms, and the facilities of building new classrooms will be bare by the respective educational institutions.

"A meeting will be held regarding the implementation of the fifth-class adjustment. Then the picture of the implementation of the adjustment will become clear." Dinkar Patil, Director, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education

Adjustments should be made to other aided schools operating under the same institution with the preference of a fifth-grade teacher working in a private aided secondary school. If adjustment is not possible in the same organization, the adjustment should be made in another privately funded organization as a second priority.

If there is no adjustment even in any manner then it should be made in the school of local, civic self-government organization as a third priority. However, adjustments should not be made from a partially aided school to a fully aided or incremental stage aided school or a civic, local self-governing body school. So that the financial burden on the government will not increase, it has been mentioned in the ruling.

The financial burden is on the schools

* Government or private aided, partially aided schools in the state which have a fifth class, should be phased out and added to the first to fourth class local, civic body schools or private aided, partially aided schools.

* At the district level and within the district, the action should be taken under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer of the respective Zilla Parishad. The care should be taken that no teacher's salary will be a financial burden on the government.

* Fifth-grade students should be accommodated in a privately funded, local, civic self-government primary school near their home as per the wish. In the first phase, students should be accommodated in a school with physical facilities while adding a fifth grade.

* It has been clarified that if a new fifth class is to be started in a Zilla Parishad school and classrooms are not available, the local self-governing body should make alternative temporary arrangements or construct a new classroom accordingly.

No new entries

Private aided schools should no longer admit new students in the fifth grade. It has also been clarified that the concerned students should be notified to get admission in the primary school in the area.

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