Maharashtra: No hike in price of petrol, diesel in last six days

Maharashtra: No hike in price of petrol, diesel in last six days

Pune: For the last six days, driver's budgets have gotten affected due to fuel price hike, but now they have some relief. The fuel prices have hiked continuously for the last month, and now it has come to a halt. There has been no change in petrol and diesel prices since June 29. On Saturday, petrol is priced at Rs 86.89 and diesel at Rs 77.35 per litre in the city.

Drivers who are already in financial crisis, due to the COVID-19 outbreak are facing the adverse effect of the fuel price hike. The drivers were not happy with this hike. People fear that if the hike continues, the price of fuel may soon reach Rs 100. However, the fact that rates have remained stable for the last six days has brought some relief to drivers. Drivers are expecting lower fuel prices in the future. Diesel price has been hiked by Rs 10.36 per litre since June 1. Petrol has gone up by Rs 7.99. 

An agitation is being organized by the Congress across the state against the fuel price hike. Ali Daruwala, a spokesman for the All India Petrol Dealers Association, said, "It was expected that the prices will become stable in this week. Accordingly, prices stopped going up. It does not look like it will go up further. Stability in prices has given a big relief to everybody."

CNG prices hiked by one rupee

CNG is gaining popularity in cities as it is a reasonable fuel alternative. CNG prices were stable last month. However, on July 1, the CNG price has increased by one rupee. At present, CNG in the city is Rs 54.80 per litre.

City Fuel Rates:

Petrol: 86.89

Diesel: 77.35

CNG: 54.80

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