Maharashtra State Education Board: Class 11, 12 syllabus for Physics changed

Maharashtra State Education Board: Class 11, 12 syllabus for Physics changed

Pune: Maharashtra state education board has tried bring the standard of CBSE as well NCERT at an equal level. Keeping NEET exam in mind, which is a must for medical education, the new syllabus has been designed for Science. Education board has also made some changes in the pattern of yearly written exams.

According to the new pattern, the number of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and one-line answers are comparatively more in the exam than the previous pattern. This has made easier for the students score marks. The number of optional questions has also increased. Earlier, if a student could not score enough marks in grouping subjects, the student used to strive hard for admission in MBBS or Engineering even after scoring good in NEET as well as MH-CET.

Now, the board has made some considerable changes in syllabus of Physics’ for students in Class  11 and 12.

In the new syllabus, some chapters and some part of those chapters are included in 11th’s Physics’ syllabus. Maximum part of 12th chapters such as Gravitation, Elasticity and Semiconductors are included in 11th’s syllabus. In the previous syllabus, there were 20 chapters but now it has been reduced to 6 appendices and 16 chapters.

Circular motion and Gravitation topics are combined and one chapter of Rotational Dynamic is formed. Likewise, Mechanical property of the fluid is transformed into combining Elasticity and Surface Tension. Concepts such as Streamline flow, Turbulent flow, Pascal’s law and application, Critical Velocity, Viscosity, Stokes’s law, Bernoulli equation and its application are added in a new chapter.

There is no change in the third chapter Kinetic theory of gases and radiation. But the fourth chapter Thermodynamics has included new concepts like cyclic process, P-V diagram, heat engine, refrigerator and heat pumps, Carnot cycle etc.

In further topics like Wave optics, Wave theory of light and Interference and diffraction are combined. Electrostatics, Current, Electricity, Magnetic effect of electric current hasn’t changed much. But overall physics syllabus has a considerable amount of change.

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