Nisarga Cyclone: Ajit Pawar reviews damage caused in Pune

Nisarga Cyclone: Ajit Pawar reviews damage caused in Pune

Pune: The cyclone 'Nisarga' has witnessed a hit and caused several damages in urban and rural areas of Pune district. On Thursday the Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has directed the administration to complete the inquiries damage and carry out such panchanama (investigation) caused by the cyclone immediately.

The Deputy Chief Minister Pawar has also expressed his gratitude to the lifeguards, police, defence forces, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel, local government employees, health workers, emergency workers, others Non- Government Organisations and citizens for their support during the cyclone crisis.

The storm has caused severe damage in Pune city as well as in the outskirts areas of Maval, Ambegaon, Junnar, Khed, Velhe, Mulshi and other talukas. Many houses have been shattered, their steel sheets were blown away well as lot of houses, schools, Anganwadas, cattle sheds, vegetable crops, orchards, Poultry sheds, onion huts, the poly house has left with hazardous conduction. The power supply has also been damaged due to breakage of poles and trees felling.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had forecast heavy rains in Pune district for one or two more days. On this backdrop, the Deputy Chief Minister Pawar had interacted with the various elective representative, the concerned authority and also took a review of the current situation and task work.

He directed to carry out spot panchanama with the proper inquiry with immediate report submission as well as paid gratitude to all the Emergency services who fought the storm like a warrior.

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