Pune NGO, industrialist provide help to Nisarga-affected area

Pune NGO, industrialist provide help to Nisarga-affected area

Pune: Maharashtra is struggling with series of helpless situations such as COVID-19, the economic crises, unemployment due to pandemic including Nisarg cyclone which vandalised and destroyed various properties including houses, buildings, farms and others.

For them there is a ray of hope from the various organisations and volunteers who are coming ahead to help and support them.

The Pune based Finolex Industries, Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF) and Hinduja Foundation jointly parted Rs 50 lakh amount to the 'Nisarga' cyclone victims in Ratnagiri and Raigad. The highest and worst affected area due to the cyclone. A few days ago, many villages in Konkan were hit hard by the 'Nisarga' cyclone. The work of uplifting 333 families in these two districts has been done through the initiative of MMF.

The organisers helped in providing steel sheets, solar lights, blankets, food grains and other essentials goods were distributed to the 120 families in Dapoli and Mandangad talukas of Ratnagiri.

As many as 213 families in Tala, Shrivardhan and Diveagar talukas of Raigad district and in the fringe areas have been helped. Each of such families have been settled and sheltered under the 20 Steel sheets totalling about 6,000 steel sheets, solar chargers with mobile chargers and other essentials were distributed.

After providing assistance to underprivileged families in Ratnagiri district, Guardian Minister of Raigad Aditi Tatkare appealed to help destitute families in Shrivardhan and Tala talukas. Accordingly, 113 families in these two talukas and 100 families in Diveagar were provided assistance in the second phase.

Ritu Prakash Chhabria, MT, MMF said, " Nisarg Cyclone has caused huge devastation and I am grateful that likeminded foundations and corporates have come together to support and rehabilitate in these areas, I am grateful to Finolex Industries & Hinduja Foundation. “

Aditi Tatkare, said “Through CSR, FIL, MMF and Hinduja Foundation it has helped 213 families in Raigad.  Steel sheets, solar lights and other essential material have been provided to those whose houses have collapsed. As the Guardian Minister of Raigad District, I express my gratitude to all for this help.”   

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