Video: Salons reopen in Maharashtra; Here's what to expect

Video: Salons reopen in Maharashtra; Here's what to expect

After three months of continuous lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, salons in Maharashtra have finally resumed their services. This comes as a relief to all barbers, hairstylists and parlour owners who were forced to cease their operations due to the lockdown.

Salon staff, as well as barbers, are taking all kinds of preventive measures to ensure safety and control the spread of the virus. 

As per the guidelines issued for the reopening on saloons 

All the customers must take prior appointments before visiting the salons and are required to sanitise their hands properly before entering the salons. 

The saloons are also responsible for conducting temperature checks before entry into the salon. 

Additionally, according to the government protocols, parlours are only permitted to provide haircut services for the time being. As per the rules, only one customer can avail the service at a time, and the rest of the customers have to wait outside the salon.

Precautions for staff

With safety being the topmost priority, wearing hand gloves, masks and also cleaning hands with sanitisers to ensure the customer's safety is the basic mandate. 

Many salons have also started using disposable towels and napkins. The barbers are also expected to clean high-contact surfaces after every customer. 


The salons are incurring the additional cost of all of the safety and cleanliness measures. Barbers and salon owners are scared as only one particular service of haircutting has been permitted by the government. 

Despite the detailed rules, many are not following the safety measures proudly and adequately, in turn, breaking the protocols. This has been noticed especially in the salons in the underdeveloped areas. 

So, if you are planning to visit a salon soon, don't forget to follow all the measures and guidelines for a safe and smooth salon experience.

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