Coronavirus hits wedding in Bihar, groom dies, over 100 infected

Coronavirus hits wedding in Bihar, groom dies, over 100 infected

In an occurrence being commonly called as yet another instance of community transmission, over 100 people who were part of a wedding at a Patna village have tested positive for the COVID-19. The 30-year-old groom, a software engineer from Gurugram, had died two days after his marriage. He was, however, cremated without being tested for the novel virus even though he was symptomatic.

All the relatives close to the couple in a Paliganj village located 50 km from Patna, were tested for COVID-19 after they came to know about the death of the groom. Around 15 guests who attended the wedding were tested positive.

According to a report, soon after the administration became aware of the groom’s death, they began searching for all the people who attended the wedding celebrations and came in contact with the couple. Around 80 people were tested positive on June 29 which is the first case of the virus speeding up its process of transmission and resulting in the community spread in Bihar.

Soon after being informed of the groom’s death, the district administration started to contact tracing where they tested all the guests who attended the wedding. However, except the bride, all the 95 others were tested positive. The administration said that the family has violated all the prescribed guidelines and medical protocols as they unnoticed the health conditions, as well as potential symptoms of the groom and, continued with the wedding.

They also stated that the family did not even follow the social gathering norms that were prescribed by the government of only 50 people allowed in a wedding celebration. The family massively infringed the laws as they invited more than 95 people in the wedding and went ahead with it despite the groom showing possible symptoms of COVID-19.

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