Coronavirus: India crosses Italy; has sixth-most cases

Coronavirus: India crosses Italy; has sixth-most cases

With a continuous surge in the cases of a novel coronavirus, India has now surpassed Italy to become the sixth worst affected country after the number of Covid-19 cases in the country now crossed 2.35 lakh mark on Friday.

Earlier, India had overtaken China, where the infection broke out in December 2019, in terms of cases for the ninth place just a week back. States such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Telangana and more are badly hit by the infection.

Analytics from the Johns Hopkins University presented that India had 2,35,769 coronavirus cases whereas Italy had 2,36,184. With 6,641 deaths, India has now ranked the 12th worst-hit country when talked about fatalities.

The USA which is the epicentre of the contagion has the most number of infected people around the globe with more than 1.8 million cases. It has 18,80,703 infections and 1,08,496 deaths.

Surprisingly, the coronavirus crisis has been growing rapidly in Brazil and it is second only to the US in the list of nations which are most affected by the COVID-19. The number of infected in Brazil has crossed the five lakh mark.

Russia stands third on the list of COVID-19 affected countries. After 8,726 new cases of the infection, the number of infected has reached 4,49,834 in Russia with death tally at 5,528

Talking about Europe, the infection in Italy has killed 33,774 people and infected 2,34,531. Another nation in the European continent, Spain records 2,40,978 people infected with the virus and 27,134 people have lost their lives.

The situation in Germany and France also looks grim. So far, 1,89,569 people have been infected in France and 29,068 have died whereas in Germany, 1,84,924 people have been infected with death total stands at 8,645.

The UK is also bearing the brunt with cases went on to 2,84,730 with over 40,000 have succumbed to death.

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