Coronavirus lockdown: ‘Raven Eye’ keeps watch on quarantine violators

Coronavirus lockdown: ‘Raven Eye’ keeps watch on quarantine violators

The system made at IIT- Roorkee will get an alert if the quarantined person desecrates geo-fencing.

IIT-Roorkee is putting an effort to supplement government efforts for surveillance of coronavirus suspects. A novel tracking mobile surveillance system has been created by Kamal Jain, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee.

Right from the start of the coronavirus crisis, many health experts, along with the government officials, have agreed that the only solution to reduce the spread of this virus is to maintain social distancing. 

India is under lockdown, and people are advised to stay at home. However, it hasn’t seen the expected results as many are still reported to escape the quarantine.

In order to keep strict vigilance on the violators, Prof. Jain has developed an application ‘Raven Eye’ to notify authorities when any single individual escapes quarantine.

Talking to Sakal Times, Prof Jain said, “It basically works on the geo-fencing, a term used in Geographic Information System to describe boundaries. Using geo-fencing, one can define certain buffer zones – specific areas beyond which people shouldn’t go. Once they cross the buffer, the notification is on.”

“The State government (Uttarakhand) provides us with all the info about those in quarantine. Currently, this surveillance system is being used by states such as Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir,” Jain added.

Apart from buffer examination, the admin can also check the number of people at the point of interest. In the case of overcapacity, the app can make aware of the predefined company. The admin will also be alerted in case of data loss from the quarantined person’s site.

Raven Eye has four types of devices that are used for tracking with multiple features. 

It takes less than 20 seconds to install in a car, a waterproof and hidden connection, a device that can take images and send to the server and the magnetic device to keep a vigil in many areas. 

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