Watch: This 'Pani Puri ATM' is creating buzz on internet
Watch: This 'Pani Puri ATM' is creating buzz on internet

The COVID-19 lockdown has witnessed unprecedented levels of hungers amongst the common people. While some crave a sporting events, some crave theatres and some just want to go outside and gorge on gol-gappe.

Though groceries, processed snacks and essential food items are available, street foods have become an obsession that it is getting difficult for foodies to go and munch on their loved snacks.

Pani puri or gol gappe are most beloved street food speciality of our country. While it might seem like a small problem to many, the characteristic demand for this delicacy has flashed innovation like never before. Worry not here is an ATM like machine in our country that gives you gol gappe?

Additional Director General of Police Hardi Singh of Assam shared the video of the machine. "Now this is real Indian ingenuity! A Pani Poori vending machine. Call it by any name Gol Gappe, Puchka, Batasa - we love it (sic)1" We love it as well.

In the video, a man is seen using a vending machine. He picks the price and then inserts a 20 rupee note into it. After a wait, the machine opens a fold below the keyboard and the pani puris are showed one by one and picked. The maker of this innovation said it took six months to develop.

The video has gone viral across social media handles. The video was making buzz and many were excited to see the innovative idea of the pani puri ATM machine.

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