Aundh residents demand enhanced police patrolling

Police Inspector Shailesh Sankhe of Chatuhshrungi Police Station assured that patrols are intensified to ensure safety of Aundh residents.
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Pune: Aundh residents, especially senior citizens, have expressed their concerns about safety, emphasizing the need for a return to a peaceful and secure Aundh, and urged the police to be more vigilant. Aundh residents are now demanding stricter measures against juvenile offenders and increased police patrols in the area.

A 77-year-old man, Sameer Roychowdhury, was tragically killed during an early morning walk on Thursday after being assaulted by a group of individuals. Police investigations revealed that one of the suspect, a juvenile assailant, had recently been released from a juvenile home and has re-offended.

The vehicles used in the crime, a bike and a rickshaw, have been seized by police authorities. Police have filed an application in juvenile court to try the three minors as adults. One suspect is currently in police custody, while the search for the others continues. Senior Police Inspector Shailesh Sankhe of Chatuhshrungi Police Station assured that patrols have been intensified to ensure the safety of the community.

"Aundh has never experienced such unrest and insecurity before. The incident near West End Square has created an atmosphere of fear among senior citizens. Previously, there have been incidents of chain snatching and extortion targeting elderly residents. With such events occurring regularly, it is crucial for the police to increase patrols in the area. Concrete measures are needed to ensure the safety of Aundh residents," said Suryakant Kalapure, President of the Aundh Senior Citizens Association.

"These incidents are alarming and make us fearful to go for our morning walks. The police need to investigate the root causes of these crimes thoroughly and remain vigilant to curb such criminal activities," stated Rahul Gaikwad, President of the Aundh Village Trust Board.

"I never used to feel afraid while going for my morning walks, but now I do. Young people drive recklessly, especially in the early mornings, without any concern for the potential harm they might cause," added Prof. Dr. Chhaya Lande, an Aundh resident.

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