Ayurvedic treatment effective for genetic disorders in men, finds study

Research published in international Journal of Reproduction and Infertility highlights potential benefits of Ayurveda in treating genetic defects in sperm
Ayurvedic treatment effective for genetic disorders in men, finds study

Pune: A study conducted by medical experts in Pune has found that Ayurvedic treatment, combined with mental health practices, a 'satvik' (pure healthy) diet, and a proper lifestyle, can effectively address genetic disorders contributing to male infertility.

The research, published in the international medical journal "Journal of Reproduction and Infertility," highlights the potential benefits of Ayurveda in treating genetic defects in sperm.

Infertility is a significant modern issue, with the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting that 17.5 per cent of couples worldwide experience difficulties conceiving.

Male factors contribute to infertility in approximately 20-35 per cent of these cases, with sperm defects being a major cause. One of the critical issues identified is "Sperm DNA Fragmentation" (SDF), which is considered a severe condition.

Although Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is commonly used in modern medicine to treat such cases, it is not always effective, leaving some couples without solutions.

Research led by Vaidya Vinita Bendale at the Dyumna Women's Clinic in Pune has shown that Ayurvedic treatment can be effective for these patients. This study, which also involved Vaidya Shri Lakshmi Chaganti, Vaidya Rutuja Pandav, and Vaidya Deepali Pawar, has been published in an international journal.

Potential Causes of SDF:

  • Mental stress

  • Infections

  • Air pollution

  • Substance abuse

Impact of SDF:

  • Fragmentation of sperm DNA

  • Increased male infertility

  • Hindrance to natural conception

Case Study:

A patient over the age of 40 diagnosed with SDF, who did not respond to modern medical treatments, sought help at Dyumna Women's Clinic. Vaidya Vinita Bendale thoroughly assessed the patient's history based on Ayurvedic principles.

Treatment involved Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapy and Basti (medicated enema) therapy. Detailed records were maintained throughout the treatment process. After four months, medical tests confirmed that the SDF defect had been resolved.

"Considering the mental state of the patient, along with appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, facilitates quicker success in infertility treatments. Importantly, the Ayurvedic medicines used have been proven safe through rigorous research."

Vaidya Vinita Bendale, Dyumna Women's Clinic

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