Balewadi: Residents suffer due to contaminated water supply

The contaminated water in Balewadi area has led to gastrointestinal illnesses, particularly among children and the elderly, causing frequent sickness.
Balewadi Gaon Sewage Water on Road
Balewadi Gaon Sewage Water on RoadX user @jiju22chacko

Pune: For the past month, residents in areas such as Balewadi Gavthan, Ashtavinayak Chowk, and Patil Vasti have been receiving contaminated water, which has a foul odor, endangering their health. The citizens are urging the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to take immediate action to resolve this issue.

Areas including Balewadi Gavthan, Patil Vasti, Ashtavinayak Chowk, Perfect Ten, Orvi, Madhuban, Gini Viviana, Paritoshik, Madhuban Society, and the Sarovar Hotel near the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway have been grappling with this problem for several days. The foul-smelling water has forced residents to purchase drinking water, disrupting their financial stability.

The contaminated water has led to gastrointestinal illnesses, particularly among children and the elderly, causing frequent sickness. Despite multiple complaints to the relevant department of PMC, no effective action has been taken.

Ganesh Balwadkar, a resident of Balewadi, emphasized the urgency of the situation, especially during the monsoon season when mosquito-borne diseases are rampant. He called for immediate remedial measures.

Broken Valve Worsens the Problem

PMC had installed valves in Balewadi to regulate water supply efficiently. However, one of these valves, located at Ashtavinayak Chowk, is adjacent to a sewage chamber that has been overflowing for days.

When the valve is opened, sewage water mixes with the drinking water supply. The valve handle has been broken for over a year, and a temporary wooden stick is being used to operate it, further contaminating the water supply.

Hanmant Balwadkar, a local resident, criticized the administration, stating, "For over a year and a half, we've been drinking contaminated water due to this broken valve. The administration is playing with our lives!"

Two years ago, the same area faced a similar issue of polluted water, causing widespread illness. Sandeep Balwadkar, another resident, suggested relocating the water pipeline away from the sewage chamber to prevent future contamination.

Pradeep Rangdale, Deputy Engineer of the Water Supply Department, acknowledged the complaints. "The Aundh Baner Regional Office is aware of the situation. The sewage chamber is clogged, causing a significant overflow. We need to clear this water to identify the exact leakage point. The broken valve handle will be replaced immediately, and we will resolve this issue promptly," he assured.

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